The Awesome Things: Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu Cebu

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu Cebu

This is so far, the best Shabu Shabu in Cebu where you can get true value for your money. There are other Shabu Shabu houses in the city, but this one right here suits my taste buds very well. It has that authentic Chinese flavors that can whet your appetite. They focus more on soups and vegetables though. So if you're a meat lover, and if you're not very fan of vegetables then I guess this is not the restaurant for you.

Their interiors have that touch of  Chinese accents to it. With bright lamps hanging on the ceiling and the atmosphere has more of that wood element to it. Their tables also have the hot pots installed where you can adjust the heat right at the side of the table. 

From left to right: (Lloy's gf, Lloyd, Me, Emegrace, Auntie Lodie, nang Becca, Di.e, Ahia Jan2, Ahia Jan2's girlfriend and hopefully soon to be fiance -looks like a wedding proposal is on its way pretty soon, Atsi Honey, Kristine, Mary, Emejune, Sa-ku) Mind you, there's still more in the family tree who aren't here. :D

All the food was placed directly in "hot-pot". The lettuce, shrimps, lobster, ham, bacon, noodles, mushrooms  Everything is loaded in this pot of boiling hot soup. Too bad, Emejune doesn't like it. I guess there are really different strokes for different folks. But it was really good and healthy since you didn't have to fry it.

Take a glance on their menu. Their price is quite pricey but the food is really good. 

Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu is located near Ayala Mall, just beside Sprockets Cafe. 

Red House Taiwan Shabu Shabu
Apitong St. 2nd street from the corner 
of ParkLane Hotel, Cebu City

Business hours: 11:30-2:00 pm
                        5:30-11:00 pm

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