The Awesome Things: Lazada Philippines – an Online Shopping Mall

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lazada Philippines – an Online Shopping Mall

LazadaPhilippines  is the fastest growing online shopping website in the country. Lazada offers a wide-array of products and provides a convenient, worry-free online shopping experience with - free shipping available, cash on hand delivery on selected areas and 7 days return. With Lazada, You can find the best deals in Books, Music and Movies, Electronics  Phones and Accessories, Computers & Tablets, Home Living, Home Appliances, Toys, Kids &Babies, Travel & Luggage, Health & Beauty, Jewelry & Watches, Sports & Fashion. You need not travel and go to places just to buy the things you need and want. Lazada offers hassle-free shopping.

Lazada is present is also present in 4 countries namely, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Lazada is owned by Rocket Internet, the largest and fastest building online companies since 1999. Their headquarters is strategically located in Berlin with 25 international offices in all 5 continents. Talk about making it big time. Wow! Globally, Rocket Internet has over 15,000 employees under their portfolio.

If truth be told, I’m not very big on online shopping. I still prefer the conventional, old-school way of going to the mall, window-shopping and trying out nice clothes, shoes and bags, etc. I’m afraid that when I buy online, the products may come out defected or not my ideal color and size.

But I decided to give Lazada a try, the process is really very simple though. I just went to their website, typed “Act like a Lady, think like a man” in the search bar and voila! They have a copy right then and there. A few days ago, I was caught in dismay when I tried to search it in the bookstores but it was apparently sold out! Bof! Good thing Lazada has a stock of it. You also need not to worry about the ideal color and size because they have a specific picture of the product and different sizes to choose from. I don’t know how they do it though, they probably load their warehouse with all the stuffs in the world. Their warehouse must be pretty loaded.


Rest assures, you can be certain that Lazada is not a fraud. It has a high credibility and has fraud protection so we’re definitely safe with them. I ordered a book last Sunday and expected that my package would arrive 5-10 days after but it was sooner than I expected. The package is delivered right under my door step 3 days after I purchased it. But if you’re in Manila, then you can expect the product 8-12 hours after. And you didn't even have to travel. Let your fingers do the traveling through the internet. It’s very efficient and very simple! No hassle.  They do charge a delivery fee of PHp 99 for orders below Php 1000  though and its free of charge with orders Php 1000 and above.

My packaged just arrived this morning. Puri Mabano finally has her hands on this awesome book. Thank you Lazada Philippines!

You know what I’m feeling? I’m feeling happy and I want to share this happiness with you through this P300 gift voucher. Yes. That’s right, you know who you are. I’m talking about you who’s reading this.  Just go shop in right now and type in this Voucher Code: LZDbrDgr. (Gift voucher valid with a minimum purchase of P3000). Use it if you want and give Lazada Philippines a try. You never know, you could be the first one to have read this part of the article and actually gave it a go go!

For more information and for discounts, promotions and Lazada Philippines Updates . You can subscribe to their newsletter, like them on Facebook as well while you’re at it.

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  1. I also want to buy a gadget on Lazada but I am wondering if it will deliver on me. After reading your blog I am very impressed with this Lazada on-line shopping. Thanks for sharing.

    Try to look this malls in Subic too.

    1. Hello nehvabby, thanks for dropping by. Without doubt, it will be delivered to you. Just type in your address and choose your mode of payment. You may visit their site right here ..

  2. I'm not much into online shopping as well. I've only tried buying through personal transactions/meet ups hehe

  3. Lazada quietly built a very good reputation.Filipinos have it as their number choice of online shop according to PriceMe Philippines, an online comparison website.

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