The Awesome Things: September 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fruit Salad Recipe

 Can you smell the sweet scent of Christmas? This recipe is perfect for the family get-together, reunions, and sharing of memories together as 'Ohana' (family). This will surely draw a smile on anyone's cheeks.

1. Drain the following ingredients in a Colander:

     1 can fruit cocktail
     1 can pineapple tidbits
     1 bot. nata de coco
     4 cups shredded buko

Set aside.

2. In a large bowl, mix 1 brik cold Magnolia all purpose cream, 2/3 cup condensed milk. Mix very well with wire wisk.

3. Add drained fruits. Mix well.

                                                           photo by:

4. Keep in fridge and serve cold not frozen.

Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Elle Me dit by Mika

I'm practicing my French now through reading travel guides, translation books and singing French songs. I know I would have a hard time adjusting to the language barrier in France soon... Ergo, I'm preparing myself for the challenge up ahead. I'm always up for a little challenge especially when it means living my dream in motion. I don't want to see myself gape around and drop my mouth to the floor while listening to the French speak(without understanding any single 'mot' (word), that's just rude!

Bonne chance a moi en France! Ce'st France est si belle!

2 weeks to go before the Big day and for this naive mouse's first time to fly to another country and to my dreamland. Thanks to my good friend Rosevie Taruc for sharing to me this upbeat and happy song and Special thanks to my God for making my dream come true, with Him all things are possible.

Food Tripping at Spaghetti Factory and Mochiko

Soon enough after the Bread of Life Church Service was done at Onstage Ayala, we were consumed by our roaring stomach. We decided to try out Spaghetti Factory and we were not disappointed. The restaurant had this Italian theme all over, the waiters were wearing an Italian Flag apron and it felt very Italian-ish. We spent our time satisfying our cravings at Spaghetti factory and Mochiko! 

First of, I want to give a shout out to Kenneth (Rosevie's cousin for the delicious treat). God truly blesses those who feeds the poor and rewards them a hundred folds. :)

"When you practice the art of giving, you would experience the wonders it brings!"

 I love how Spaghetti factory in Ayala has very comfortable seating and their pictures of pasta all over the walls makes me crave even more for pasta. You see, I'm a lover of pasta and anything cheese-laden, it's so creamy, and it just wakes up my sleeping taste buds.

        Their grilled Pork and Chicken with Pasta and rice (Php 150.00) did not disappoint me, you can still smell the sweet and sizzling aroma of the freshly grilled dish. This girl loves her meats. Once taken in, it's rather juicy and very appetizing. (Rating 9/10)

Honestly, It's the first time I've heard about Mochiko, thanks again to Kenneth. If it wasn't for you dude, I would not have discovered this delicious Japanese style ice cream. I've walked passed this small stall at 3rd floor Active zone, Ayala before but I did not dare pay any interest to it. I thought it was some sort of patisserie. Who would've known that inside the pastry dough is the delicious ice cream inside (Price: Php 70.00) It's very unusual and you should try their best sellers. I reckoned, the cookies and cream is a must-try....

                 .... And Rosevie just went munching in. Yum! 
What a great way to spend your Sunday, Satisfying your pent-up cravings and trying out new and unusual "nouritture" (that's French for food).

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sarah Geronimo Concert for Cebuana Lhuillier 25th Anniversary!

The crowd, trying to squeeze themselves in just to get a piece of the Concert to take home with them.

              It was more than a concert, it was a thanksgiving celebration by Cebuana Lhuillier
   to their beloved customers who stood with them and grew with them over the years and in the years to come.

 All set for the Cebuana Lhuiller 25th Anniversary at Cebu Coliseum Complex. All set for the.....

       photo by:

Popstar! Sarah Geronimo gracing the stage with her killer moves and grooves.


 What a celebration this is with their Sinulog inspired dances. 
 What a thrill!
  The Hosts whipping out some fun and games with their shooting energy whilst giving away cash prizes of worth Php5,000. It's amazing how you can get that amount of money within the span half an hour, no hard work, just plain playing around and taking the risk of embarrassing yourself. But it's worth it for the Php 5000 cash prize I might say.

                          Sarah Geronimo was the star, the star in a million,
                    Shining so bright, filling the darkness with light.

 ....And the crowd agrees with me, yeah!
  She can cast a spell on anyone, bounding us with her exquisite   
  charm and talent. Yet, despite the praises she gets, she stays simple, good-natured and humble.

She sure can hit the high notes while dancing vigorously. 
What can't she do?!

 Mark Bautista thrills the crowd with his remarkable voice and good looks.

                  The Star in a million Trio sharing the stage once again showcasing their talent for all the world to see. It's something we, Filipinos can be proud of, having such wonderful treasures in our country giving us inspiration and joy.

                            The crowd was serenaded by the voice of Erik Santos and the crowd went wild!

      It's amazing how Sarah keeps herself grounded despite all her success, how she manages to remember who she was before and though a lot has changed both inward and outward, she remains the Popstar Princess we all admire.

          Our wonderful Hosts of the night filling the coliseum with much enthusiasm!

             While taking a picture of Sarah G, I can't help but watch her with awe. She is so beautiful and she is a completely different person when she's on stage as though another person has taken over her body. Her entertainer switch just turns on and the sweet goddess of talent just takes over her eyes, voice (and spirit). At the Presscon, judging from the pictures, she looks like a high school girl that's so prim and proper but when she's on stage, she becomes a STAR!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Illuminate: Black Light Party!

Calling all partyphiles, Join the hippest party in town this Oct 5, 2012 at Club Maru and win lots of exciting freebies and prizes! Catch our exciting shows and just Party-till-you-drop!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012

2012 Cine Europa 15

Cine Europa marks it's 15th year to draw collaboration with the Film Development Council of the Philippines with their Free Movie Screenings of 21 different movies from different countries all over Europe. This will surely be an opportunity for the Filipinos who are avid fans of Europe (or just plain curious) to marinate themselves in its film and culture. Truth of the matter, I've always admired Europe even way back when I was still in high school. I would surely not miss this chance to adapt and absorb its subtle influence in my life.

"Cine Europa 15 is first and foremost an opportunity for Filipinos to enjoy a taste of Europe's particular cinematic traditions. It is also and opportunity for us Europeans to wear our heart on our sleeve and share our hopes, fears, and dreams with our Filipino friends." -Julian Vasallo, Political Counsellor at the EU Delegation to the Philippines.

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