The Awesome Things: August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

12 Little Things every Filipino can do To Help Our Country

I highly recommend the best-selling book "12 little things every Filipino can do to Help our Country" by Alex Lacson. Sometimes we just need a jolt to remind us that we are Filipinos, we don't have a naturally blonde crowning glory, and we don't have eyes the color of the sky. We are Filipinos and we can't hide that. Do you know what this country lacks? People with a sense of dignity and love for our country and for our people but it's not yet too late to change our mindset. I know we are very open-minded people and we get drawn easily to anything western and foreign and simply think that it's better. I don't mean to compare, but look at the French, they are the kind of race who are very proud of their food, their country, their culture and their language that If you go to France and speak plain English with no French at all, then they'll pretend not to understand you even if they really do just because they want you to speak even just a little French to them, as basic as "bonjour monsieur""pardon" or "vous pouvez anglais?". I am envious of their sense of dignity for their country. But I am hopeful that change is not far away, allow me to quote Malcolm Gladwell that "Little things can make a BIG difference." Are you also hopeful to see a brighter Philippines in the future?  It's really not impossible and it's incredibly EASY only if you do your part. 

Here's an excerpt of this AWESOME book.

Don't let the death of our heroes be put to vain.

To my Creator, who has blessed me with so much,

and to my Country, which yearns for love from its people.

"12 Little Things every Filipino can do for our country"

1. Follow Traffic Rules. Follow the Law

"I am indeed a King, because I know how to rule myself" (Pietro Aretino)

3. Whenever you buy or pay for something, Always ask for an official receipt.

3. Don't Buy Smuggled Goods. Buy Local. Buy Filipino

4.When you talk to others, especially foreigners, speak positively about us and our country.

"Every citizen is an ambassador of his country" (Rafael Salas)

"Every time we open our mouths, we expose ourselves - our weaknesses or our strength" (Napoleon Bonaparte)

5. Respect your traffic officer, policeman and soldier

6. Do not litter. Dispose your garbage properly. Segregate. Recycle. Conserve

7. Support your church

8. During elections, do your solemn duty.

"America will remain the land of the free for as long as it remains the home of the brave" (Elmer Davis)

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars,
but in ourselves that we are underlings." (William Shakespeare)

9. Pay your employees well.

10. Pay your taxes

11. Adopt a scholar or a poor child.

"To love another person is to love God" (Victor Hugo)

"Works of love are always works for God" (Mother Teresa)

Remember, don't let the God's blessings stop on you, let it resonate throughout the world and become of chain of love for you to start. Invest on your life after death, give and share to others what God has blessed you with and the rewards will be great.

12. Be a good servant. Teach your kids to follow the law and to love our country.



Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shrimp Nacho Bites

Prep time: 15 min                          Start to Finish: 15 min.                           Yield: 24 Appetizers

24 large corn tortilla chips
1/2 cup black bean dip (from 9-oz can)
1/4 cup chunky style salsa
24 cooked peeled deveined medium shrimp (about 1/2 lb)
1 avocado, pitted, peeled and cut into 24 slices
1/2 cup shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese blend (2 oz.)
24 fresh cilantro leaves, if desired

1. Top each tortilla chip with about 1 teaspoon bean dip, 1/2 teaspoon salsa, 1 shrimp, 1 avocado slice and about 1 teaspoon cheese. Place on cookie sheet

2. Set oven control to broil. Broil with tops about 5 inches from heat 2 to 3 minutes or just until cheese is melted. Garnish with cilantro leaves. Serve immediately.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness First Ayala Center, Cebu City

For the past few months my mental and physical energy was trying really hard to adjust to this new-found state of busyness so when Intrams week came (meaning no classes) I immediately decided to give fitness first a try since it was a free pass after all, I have nothing to lose but I have a whole of week DE-stressing to gain As what I've observed, they were really nice to me, the Manager named "Shiela" discussed to me their rates and that they have a 5 months/ 12 months/ 18 months commitment in Fitness First. I really enjoyed my training there.

Their locker area. 

They showcase  first-class facilities which I really enjoyed during my training there and they also have locker rooms, shower rooms complete with shampoo and soap, sauna, hair blowers, free coffee and tea (four red fruit, peppermint tea) and everything is at your disposal.

Everything that you could ever look for in a gym is all there. 

Ms. Shiela introduced me to my Personal Trainer, Rey and he assisted me throughout the whole duration of my workout. First we did some weighing in, some cardio workouts and some stretching exercises. The stretching exercises really felt so good and I heard my bones started cracking (I feel so old) The only sad part that day was that the Body Jam workout (which I was really looking forward to) got canceled because the instructor didn't show up for some unknown reason.

I love their stretching exercises, you'll feel so relieved from stress afterwards, I highly recommend it.

If you're officially a member, you also get the opportunity to borrow movies as displayed above.

Locker rooms with hair-blowers in an air conditioned area, can you say convenience or what.

It was my first time to try sauna, I mean I've tried so many first today. My first official gym workout, first sauna, first having a personal trainer. It's good to try something new every now and then for a change of routine. 

This is the resistance training area with their small dumbbells and and weights for the big boys. lols and on my second day, my personal trainer gave me some cardio workouts and some resistance (weights) training.

The lounge area, when you feel too tired and you just want to relax (Gee, I'm feeling tired and I want to relax) you can just lounge in their comfortable chairs and enjoy free coffee and tea.

If I were to rate their gym facility and fitness instructor, I'd give them a (rating of 9.5/10) I really enjoyed my training at their gym but of course, they're not perfect, no one is and there is always a room for improvement in any aspect of our life, work, company. They do have some glitches like the fact that they get too irritating when they "kulit" you to become a member already, It was still my second day there and the manager already let me sign their membership form (assuming much?!) and she even asked for my credit card which I did not give of course. I'm not that stupid, Thank God for giving me an instinct and a gut feeling that there's something wrong here. She told me that as soon as I'm done with my workout I'll just call her because she would get the details of my credit card. No offense, but she somewhat wreaked of desperation trying to get my supplementary credit card no. After that, I got turned off to become a member I know it's part of their marketing strategy but there style seems a bit untrustworthy.

It's good to be shrewd and wise sometimes and the best place to find wisdom? God is the answer. If you have God, then you've found wisdom and cleverness.

For now, I don't think I'm ready to be hitting the gym officially. I might end up getting lazy going to they gym after a few months and think about the bills my mum has to pay. I'll just settle doing aerobics at home in our DVD, at least I won't have to travel and I can get fit and healthy within the comforts of our home. It gives me a sense of contentment especially when I get to enjoy things at a very less expense, talk about the amount of  satisfaction I get because of the rate I paid (or not paid) for it is greatest, besides I'm a very cheap person and I want to be a minimalist and to try to live a simple life, and paying the monthly dues to the gym is already a staple in my budget.

"Sometimes what seems like a real bargain can turn out to be a very expensive mistake" Sirach 20:12

"Don't indulge in luxurious living; the expense of it will ruin you." Sirach 18:32

Thank you for wasting your time with me even though I've probably bored you to death or you might not really read the whole thing but I'd like to think that you do and that I have a good number of readers. (assuming teh?!) hahahhah.

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Get your Birth Certificate authenticated by the Legal Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines)

First off you can ONLY get your birth certificate authenticated by DFA Manila Office, that's the only way. It's worth Php 200. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way, since I'm living in Cebu I thought I can get it authenticated by DFA Cebu so I went there and wasted so much time and taxi fare going there just to learn that I need to send it to Manila through DHL Express. So I traveled again and it was exhausting since it was a very hot and humid day in the Philippines it was about 12nn after all and the temperature was soaring but I need to go through all the effort because it's a VISA requirement you see. The things we do for our dreams. Oh well.

Here are the requirements for sending your birth certificate to DFA Manila to get authenticated:

- NSO Certified Birth Certificate
- Clear and Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate from the Local Registrar and (or) Photocopy of Passport

The photocopy of the passport is really just an option but to play safe that my birth certificate will not be rejected DFA Manila, I sent them a photocopy of my passport anyway (the identification details not the front cover)

DHL Express rate:

Php 500 - (processing time is 10 to 15 working days)

Php 700 - (processing time is 5 to 7 working days)

but if you're already in Manila then it's only Php 200.

Please be guided, I know I learned the hard and tiring way I hope you're informed now, I know I wasn't. But I'm glad to be of help to you (readers). 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Secrets of Good luck

Actually, it's no secret.. Lo and Behold. "It's something to be shared to everyone!"- Alex Rovira and Fernando Trias de Bes.

all you have to remember are the 10 rules of good luck, yes 10! and you're good to go..

10 rules of good luck:

1st rule of good luck:

Luck doesn’t last long, because it does not depend on you. Good luck is created by each of us: that’s why it lasts forever.

2nd rule of good luck:

Many are those who want Good luck, but few are willing to pursue it.

3rd rule of good luck:

If you have no Good luck now, it might be because you’re under the usual conditions. To have Good luck, you must create new conditions.

4th rule of good luck:

Finding new conditions for Good luck does not mean looking for our own benefit only. Creating conditions, helping others, makes Good luck more likey to appear.

5th rule of good luck:

If you postpone the creation of new conditions, Good luck never arrives. Creating new conditions is sometimes hard work, it today!

6th rule of good luck:

Sometimes, even under the seemingly right conditions, Good Luck doesn’t arrive. Look for the seemingly unnecessary but indispensable conditions in the small details.

7th rule of good luck:

To those who only believe in chance, creating conditions seems absurd. Those who create the conditions are not worried about chance.

8th rule of good luck:

Nobody can sell Good Luck. Good Luck cannot be sold. Do not trust those who sell luck.

9th rule of good luck:

After creating all the conditions, be patient, don’t quit. For Good luck to arrive, have faith.

10th rule of good luck:

Creating Good Luck consists in preparing conditions for opportunity. But opportunity has nothing to do with luck or chance: it is always there.

Moral of the story:

Creating Good Luck consists only in… creating the conditions

The New Origin of Good Luck:

Since creating Good Luck involves creating conditions.. Good luck depends only on you. Starting tomorrow, you can also create Good Luck.

The Good luck story…

… never comes to you by chance.

So start creating your good luck today. Don't do tomorrow what you can do today.

Busy Bee

Thank God I finally found the moment to be alone that I used to so enjoy in the not so distant past. I haven't had this quiet time in a long time now. I just needed to reconnect with my soul, with my mind and with my God. I just needed time to think deeply. For the past few months my mental energy is really trying hard to adjust to this new-found state of busy-ness.  School+blog+visa for France+preparation for France+Organizing an event+sweet pea virtual shop+perfume selling. I'm not used to it. It's really draining my soul, but hopefully I would be able to adjust. I'm up for the challenge and I love pushing myself to the limits but I'm no wonder woman. I need to loosen up my knots too and just let my hair down. Woow! Kaya ko to! God is the strength of my heart!

Besides life's too quirky to think and be busy at all times. I just need some love, Faith, Laughter and PIXIE DUST! Think happy thoughts so you can fly high ay yay yay!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alumni Forum: "Developing the Winner in You" Mark your calendars this August 24, 2012 as part of the USC Foundation Week

Spread the word everyone!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

The Cebu Blogger’s Monthly meeting last July 28, 2012 was hosted by Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, a homey and cozy Beach hotel found in Mactan. Just a few kilometers away from Maribago Blue waters and Imperial Palace Resort and Spa. Costabella is a family-oriented hotel and it’s also perfect for honeymooners. The tropical hotel also boasts of its great service where you'll definitely feel the royal treatment. It is also a child-friendly beach as it offers fun activities for your children. Your children would never want to leave the place as it would surely leave a footprint in both the young and adult’s hearts and minds. 

This tropical hotel is a sure gem hidden in the charming island of Mactan Cebu. Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel is an architectural showcase steeped in history and tradition. It's tastefully-appointed rooms, all 156 of them, beautifully integrate Spanish colonial influence with natural, homegrown materials. This family-managed property has kept its tradition of old-fashioned hospitality and world-class service through the years.

Carved stonework, arched doors and charming courtyards are the hallmarks of this timeless place. All accommodations from the modest to luxurious with private balconies offer breathtaking view that is both peaceful and romantic.

The hotel has a spacious La Terraza; an outdoor venue ideal for private functions and company picnics as well as seven conference suites for corporate and business meetings.

Guests may do as much or as little as they wish with a wide choice of leisurely explorations and activities offered in the island: marvel over the turquoise waters from a parasail or go island-hopping on a local outrigger; book scuba diving lessons and explore the fascinating coral reefs beneath.

Sumptuous cuisine with a good measure of personal service is laid out for every guest's picking. Costabella's two main restaurants, La Marina and Briza, are another of the hotel's treasure worth discovering. Try decadent tastes and exquisite flavors prepared by their skilled chefs using fresh and exotic ingredients as well as the island's bounty of seafood.

Get a taste of their mouth-watering dishes, you should definitely try their fruit skewers. So fresh!

 Great Hotel plus great food, what more can you ask for?

At night, Costabella transforms into a romantic escape splashed with the dramatic sunset vista. Enjoy a quiet dinner by the beach or indulge in a soothing massage for a truly relaxing experience.

The premiere Deluxe rooms are impeccably designed to accommodate guests of discerning taste. Its interiors, fusion of modern concepts and natural materials, easily blend with the tropical environment with big sliding doors, Capiz wall accents and indigenous furniture.

 Early birds who love to watch the sunrise will find this beachfront Sunrise Corner Suite the perfect spot for the morning ritual. A sliding door reveals a lavishly designed bathroom complete with bath tub and first-class amenities.

Grander in style with ample living space, their Seafront Suites are luxurious havens of tranquility and romance. These rooms adapt fusion design concepts integrated with modern convenience such as cable TV, Wifi and a well-stocked fridge. The private balconies offer a splendid view of the ocean.

Explore the wonders of the island and discover your own story here at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel!

Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel
Buyong, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Tel. (6332) 495-1000, 238-2700
Fax (6332) 238-2705

Friday, August 3, 2012


WHEN: August 11, 2012 (Saturday) at 2pm
WHERE: J Centre Mall

"Aside from the cosplayers flaunting their costumes and their artistry, enthusiasts get to interact with the different people in the craft, share ideas, trade secrets and tricks."

ACE Productions and proudly brings to you the HOBCON 2012: AUTOMECHA! on August 11, 2012 at JCentre Mall, Mandaue City, with the aim of establishing Camaraderie within the Cosplay Community (Costume Role Play) in Cebu as well as encouraging everyone to show their love for Anime, Toy Collections (Action Figures) and the Arts.

This year's HOBCON brings a unique approach to Cosplaying, On its 3RD year in promoting the popular hobby amongst the Cebuanos, it has allowed us to be more creative and novel in designing a Cosplay Convention with prestige and reputation that will maximize tri-media exposure for participants and partners of HOBCON 2012.

This will become the most celebrated gathering of new age trend widely adapted in Cebu called Cosplay (Costume Playing). A stage will be built at the center to hold the grand performances, and the Cosplay competition that will highlight the event. Imagine yourself seeing your favorite anime/cartoon character come to life! Now that's a full throttle for the whole family or group of friends.

I remembered the last first time I joined HOBCON was 2 years ago in Ayala, it was packed with Cosplayers with their out-of-this world and colorful costumes that with a seemingly futuristic tastes. It was a very fun experience. Who knew there was such great creativity in the minds of the Cebuano Cosplay enthusiasts.

for more information, you can visit Cebu Bloggers for the complete details of the event
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