Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's been about 3 weeks since I left France and every moment there was just precious. 1 whole month of staying in France is defo not enough to really take in everything about the people, the food and the culture. I personally think if you truly want to absorb their osmosis, you have to stay at least one year to do that. My adventure there is simply locked up in this treasure trove called Memories. And it's simply just that, perfectly etched at the back of my head. Sometimes it makes me think as though it was just a dream. But no, I have lots of reminders that it was not just a dream. Good thing I took ga-zillion photos, some trinkets here and there, the key chains, the hankie, the miniature replica of the Tour Eiffel, the bracelet and the necklace. So there, it's enough proof to last a lifetime I guess. 

Here's a random thought... What's the difference between dreams and memories?
I think they're practically the same thing. Some scenes or imaginations stored at the back of your head. But no, They're similar except for the fact that Dreams are what you want to happen in the future and Memories are the ones that happened in the past. Though sometimes the memories feel like it was all a dream because they are completely locked up in your mind and the two are probably on the same wavelengths. Some visionary surrealism (akkay, I'm inventing words here. Please bare with me) If only there's a machine or some Hogwarts wizardry to help you go back to the past and relive the memories at first hand. That would be awesome!

Another random thought... 

A couple of days ago, I had this thought about how worthless things are in this world. We have dreams then we try to reach them and with some streaks of good luck, we finally got it. Then what?... 
There also comes the time when we work so hard to earn loads of cash to travel the world, to buy a big house, to buy and car. Then what?...
You write a best-selling book, hoard millions of money, get affirmations and compliments from people then you get annoyed because you're an introvert and you want to keep a low profile in life and having a lot of people coming up to you wanting to hear your idea can get quite irritating... Then what?
At our young age we try to look for that perfect someone to fill that emptiness and marry that special someone, then we have kids, them to school, we get old, our kids have families. Then what?.. 
We die and  leave it all behind. Everything will only be a memory after we die and other people will get all the stuffs we leave behind. It's sad and it can get mundane sometimes. In my own limited opinion, I personally think that the only worthy thing that we can do with our lives is to serve God passionately and to love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. I just haven't found how I can passionately serve Him though in way that's suitable for my capabilities and skills, or the lack thereof. *weeps desperately* Srsly. Even though I might not find myself waking up each day in Paris or Italy, whatever. It's okay. I have found my complete source of joy. The One who made my joy complete. The One who gave me a leap to my every step. The One who showered me with unconditional love and favor even though I'm unclean and a sinner. I have found LOVE and It's more than enough for me.. When you have found LOVE, then there is your God. 

I'm hopeful that I would be able to live that passion someday. I want to be able to say before the day I die that "Wow, that was good life, I'm glad I chose the right things. It was a life well-lived" (then my soul leaves my body and I fulfill my ultimate dream to live with God in His kingdom for all eternity). Pure Bliss is guaranteed.

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