The Awesome Things: Cebuboy Lechon: It's everybody's favorite!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cebuboy Lechon: It's everybody's favorite!

For Filipinos, a celebration is never a celebration without the presence of the ever famous Lechon, especially the Cebuano Lechon to more specific is hailed as the centerpiece for any celebration. Be it birthday parties, weddings, fiesta and even the occasional bonding among friends and families.

TIME magazine the Philippines' lechon as the "BEST PIG". According to TIME, the idea came to them through celebrity TV chef, Anthony Bourdain, who ranked Cebu lechon in his blog entry "The Hierarchy of Pork", as the "best of the world", followed by Bali, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico.

It may come to mind that there are already hundreds of food chains offering lechon and what difference does Cebuboy offer? It's simply - the taste. You can really taste the herbs and spices sinking deeply at every bite. It's not bland like some lechon from some establishment better left unnamed. All I can say is that Cebuboy's lechon is very flavorful.

Cebuboy not only caters to Cebu customers, but also accepts orders from Manila. You can choose for the boneless belly or the whole lechon itself. They're production area is at Banawa, Cebu so it's no doubt that it's one of the best because it's from Cebu and nothing beats a lechon from Cebu.

With My Brown Bag and the Pasaluboy. Perfect for the Holiday Season!

The Pasaluboy could be yours at Php 460 (1 Kilo). This is a great pasalubong for Christmas and a great centerpiece dish for every pinoy's noche buena this holiday season - An Authentic Pinoy Christmas Like No Other!

You can contact them at:

032-316- 3151 

Twitter: @CebuboyLechon

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