The Awesome Things: Vive la France

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vive la France

France... France. You're beauty shines as bright as the sun. It spells romance all over. Your beautiful language is music to my ears like the wind chimes in the summer breeze (okay, so maybe it's not that sunny, it's autumn after all) but you get the picture?..

It's still hard to believe that I've been to France for one whole month. It all went by so fast, it's as though it never happened and sometimes I just want to look at the pictures I took to leave me with some kind of proof that it was not just a dream... 

Avant.. avant..

I first heard of this program 2 years ago, I saw this poster with pink details in the Arts and Sciences Building, TC and it immediately ignited a spark in me that inspired me to take up French for my FOLA 1 and a year after that I then saw the poster again at the DHM Department. I was even more determined to grab that scholarship more than anything. The requirements were pretty simple, all you have to do was to get a grade not lower than 1.7 in French and you have to be enrolled in any program/degree offered by USC. After that, you have to write a short letter of intention of why you’re interested in the program and have it noted by your department chair and attach your official print-out of grades highlighting your grade in French, and that’s just what I did. Sadly, I didn’t make it the first try because I got delayed in applying so I tried again the following year. It was my dream you see and letting it go would be like passing a day’s breath. So I never gave up and tried again the year after that and with the grace of God I was chosen for the scholarship in France and I drifted to a state of bliss and I can feel a sparkle of excitement rising through me like a fountain. One thing I learned was that if you want something bad enough you shouldn’t give up on it that easily, never!

The Scholarship program was all expense paid by the French Embassy which includes the accommodation, food, plane tickets, transportation, tours, the fee to study in Alliance Francaise Rouen and 200 Euro worth of allowance. When I first heard about it, I could not believe my eyes that someone like me would be granted this kind of blessing. I kept asking if this was really true or am I just dreaming while awake? But it was real, everything was, and it was awesome…

The trees with yellow and red leaves add a dash of freshness and color to the crisp Autumn air.

An experience here is indeed nothing less than artistry, you see style at every corner and every view was like a picture waiting to be taken. With its clean streets and medieval designed houses I was left at awe gawking around because it was not the usual scene that I would see back in my homeland.

la porte a cote un coeur..

Everytime I take pictures, the outcomes are just to inspiring because it's truly gorgeous in personal. 

The people here really enjoy long walks and they walk so fast like a hundred miles an hour. The weather in Rouen is always rainy and there was a time when it dropped to 0°C most often smoke would come out of your mouth when you talk out of the coldness of the temperature. There was a time when they were passing the winter season and they had to shift from the daylight saving time. That means they minus an hour to their time to welcome the winter season and then its goodbye summer time.

la Gare Rouen Rive Droite

People watching under the sheltering French sky... French people are really individualistic and artistic people. They like thinking a lot and creating a world of their own. 

Part of the program was the museum visits like the Musee de la Ceramique, Musee de Feronnerie, Musee Beaux Arts just to name a few. It showcases exquisite ceramics, paintings, and metal works from the times way back 300 years ago.

I see beauty everywhere here. It's no wonder people are so inspired always to be creative and to give affection to their loved ones. It's amazing.. I can't enough of it. 

Musee de la Ceramique showcases tablewares, statues from the moyen age (middle age)

I feel like a princess walking down the stairs in a big mansion with it's exquisite design and gorgeous paintings hanged on the walls. 

with my Australian friend taking in some culture at the Musee de la Ceramique..

a bunch of middle-aged ceramics and English tea pots. They're so quaint and lovely I must say. Charming, indeed.

Taking a stroll down Vieux Marche admiring it's boutiques and other cute details on their shops.

France is an enchanting point of departure for cultural and epicurean exploration, it is where the French food speaks for itself and that’s certainly what placed France in the culinary map. 

Here's a little music that our teacher taught us in class

More posts to come soon..  Hope you enjoyed my little gift from France..

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