The Awesome Things: #AMALAYER Jamie Paula Salvosa: "The Maldita Queen"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#AMALAYER Jamie Paula Salvosa: "The Maldita Queen"

                                             Kids! Tandaan Huwag kayong tutulad neto..

The new internet sensation, Paula Jamie Salvosa has been the subject of humiliation after the video which was originally posted by Bayan Patroller Gregory Paulo Llamoso, has gone viral. The 23-year old girl was said to have been an aspirant as a Video Jockey for Myx Philippines. Looks like she got the fame she's always wanted now, in a  not so very pleasant way though.

Speaking in English doesn't make you seem classy and the top of everything. Be careful of how you act, speak and think because it might only destroy you. 

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  1. please get ur facts straight,,di nmn naexpel yung tao,,sino ba sa atin ang sukdulang bait at linis,,,wika nga ni kristo,,maunang bumato,,,my take on this lets give her credit because she gave us fun and laughter ,,big time,,,epic talaga,,,i havent had much laugh since the gay's rxn to venus raj's entry to the miss universe magic 5 in 2010,,,i wouldnt judge because i dont know when i would get into the same kind of trouble and dont know how i wil react if i woke up on the wrong side of the bed,or just having pms,or a bad hair day,,,


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