The Awesome Things: Pascaline French Restaurant

Friday, November 30, 2012

Pascaline French Restaurant

It's been a month since I've had my first sweet taste of real independence. If you don't call traveling-alone-for-the-first-time-in-this-big-scary-world being independent, then I don't know what is. But before I kissed France good-bye, I got to experience a true fine dining experience in France!  I must say c'etait tres delicieux!

I’m very thankful to have met such wonderful people in France, the experience was unforgettable and I would cherish it for as long as I’m alive and well. The picture below was a lunch date at Pascaline together with my classmates and with our funny teacher, Laurent (the guy on the right wearing a scarf). Our teacher decided to have a lunch date together the day before Linjie and I left Rouen. 

France is an enchanting point of departure for cultural and epicurean exploration, it is where the French food speaks for itself and that’s certainly what placed France in the culinary map. Their food is so good with exquisite choices of cheese and fresh herbs and it’s perfect when you pair it with wine. The French really love food and their experts with it. You don’t call France the center of gastronomy for nothing.

What we had:

Suggestion du boucher + Dessert du jour = 15,50 Euro

I chose their beef with the with the Poivre sauce and the Pomme frites maison (the fries). It was absolutely delicious. The sauce really complements the beef but I should have ordered the Gratin Pascaline instead because it;s very creamy with lots of cheese. 

Poelon de 6 escargots au beurre d'ail/ 12 escargots = 8 Euro/ 12 Euro

The escargot  has seemingly that similar texture to that of the "Saang" (shells) but the sauce has a more powerful taste with it's garlic butter and I think the green texture was the Pesto. It was really good. Their escargot was as close to heaven as I could ever get.

Their menus:

Everything was so good and yummy. In hindsight, I’m still retrospecting about my experience there, it’s rather nostalgic. 

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