The Awesome Things: In the eyes of a 20 year-old in France

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In the eyes of a 20 year-old in France

This post is an attempt to share my perspective in life in the eyes of a 20 year old on her FIRST adventure out of the country.... in Europe (finally!)
Wow, it's a relief that I can finally speak in a language familiar to me. For the past few weeks all I hear and read is french, sometimes it just makes me want to pull my hair off. I can't speak in English in class because it's not allowed and I can't speak English with most people because we're not going to understand one another pretty well. Everything is so new here, the temperature, the language, the buildings, the different races. It's not the everyday things I get to see back home. Back in the Philippines, I get to sweat a lot because the country is tropical and humid after all. Though there are also some characteristics with the people here similar to that of the Filipinos. They are very hospitable and endearing persons. The french are not as rude as I thought they are, it's rather the contrary of things. They would treat you just as how the Filipinos treat their guests, show you around their beautiful sceneries, feed you with their strange yet yummy food (I'm even surprised myself that I liked it). There are some who are not so nice here like this guy I met in the train, he was speaking to me in French "blah blah blah yatta yatta yatta Italie blah blah". Goodness! the only thing I understood was Italy, I think he was saying something not so nice though, good thing I didn't understand him but from the looks of his face and the smell of his armpit, it was not pretty! Sometimes, I forget the right English, Cebuano, Tagalog words to use that would fit the sentence. ugh, all of this French is overwhelming me. The 3 year-olds even speak better french than me! Okayy, back to the comparison conversation. There are nice and not so nice people here just like anywhere else in the world, I guess it's safe to make that kind of conclusion. There are also the ones who smell worst than their dog, there are the crazy and funny French people, but the thing that I love about them the most is their accent. It's so sexy!

Their streets are so clean here and everything is so well-kept. Though I find myself shaking from the cold at times (mind you, the temperature can drop to 0 degree Celsius here) I'm relishing it as much as possible because when I get back to the Philippines, it's like being baked in the oven. I'll sweat like crazy again.

Their market here is just similar to what we have in the Philippines, the only difference is that they are Caucasians and there some really cute "tinderos". Mas social. hahahah.

Before I got to France, I though I'd starve to death worrying that I would not like their food, But no! That's not the case, The french really know how to prepare good food. Masyado silang marunong when it comes to food. They love food, but they're not fat. I guess I just got lucky as well that my host family Chantal Coiffe cooks really good French food, my favorites are the ones at the top, the Quiche Loraine, Champignon with the Soignon cheese, and the Fish with mushrooms. It has the right texture and taste. But who am I kidding right? I'm probably boring you to death, what good are these pictures if you yourself are not the one experiencing it. My sentiments exactly. But, I guess there are just some things in life that are frustrating, you'll feel sick with envy (yeah! been there, done that, nothing new to me) Thank God we get to dream! Mon Reve.... mon Reve. Just don't give up, never! Just like what I did.

My class schedule..

Making macarons with Patissier Arnaud! Those Macarons were just so good.

I feel so french now, eating macarons, smelling them, licking them, walking in French streets, feeling the cold weather, being surrounded by French people and absorbing their osmosis. I may not speak and look french but my heart is French. 

France... the land of Cheese! My favorite is their Neufchatel and Soignon. I love how it melts in my mouth and making my taste buds smile. The cheese that I liked the least are the livarot and Pont L'eveque. Why? I'll tell you why, for that one reason that it smelled so bad. that's why.

Oh France, what a beautiful country full of lovers kissing in the streets and parks. Life is beautiful, Love love love. Spread the love.

One more thing I love about France is their buildings, they have such pretty buildings everywhere. Victorian designed houses with vintage details, flowers-filled balconies, statues of angels and nude people. Everywhere you look, you see art. No wonder the people here are always inspired to live life with style and enthusiasm.

With my new-found Japanese friends at the fete du Ventre (Rina Subue, Tomomi Suzuki and Chikako Makino)

This is my dream. Sipping hot chocolate/coffee in a restaurant in France with friends around sharing the moment and listening to French music. Get a hold of yourself, Puri! Just take it all in, breathe. (hee hoo hee hoo haaa)

La fete du Ventre, I only bought those chocolate truffles and costs about 5 Euros. Not bad because they were really good!

My host family and her friends, I'm so thankful that they shared to me their life, food and beautiful places even though I'm a stranger living in their country. These people are awesome. They are nothing but nice to me, I just don't understand them a lot though. But if I probably comprehend most of what they're saying, I think that they share lots of similar characteristics with the Filipinos though. Perhaps, that explains why I didn't feel culture-shocked living in a foreign country for the very first time... alone. 

Overall, I feel pretty content. I've proved to myself that I can do it, I can be very independent , rode the airplane and the train by myself (patting myself at the back though there were times I felt like crying but no tears seem to fell) It was not easy communicating with them carrying my huge and heavy luggage, but I actually did it. With God's protection and guidance, I'm still alive and in one piece. I'd like to think that I'm very street-wise, oh yeah! Just Deal with it.

If you happen to go to Europe, my tip  is that you buy the plug with the little circle tips since that's what most European countries use. It costs about 29-39 Php but if you buy in Europe it's about 2-3 Euros, so you be the judge on where you'd prefer to buy it. You choose. You can't say you weren't warned. :)

Well, it's nice to finally express my thoughts in a language familiar to me. It's my only link to the familiar past. I'll update about my Paris escapade soon. As much as I would want to blog more but my reality beckons- and as of this moment, so does my bed. Gotta hit the sacks. TTFN (tata for now!) 

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