The Awesome Things: Student Visa Requirement for France

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Student Visa Requirement for France

Ever thinking of studying in France, here's a list of requirements that you need to prepare for your application:

Student Visa Requirement
Short Stay (Less than or Equal to 90 Consecutive Days)

1. Signed Schengen Visa Application form with photo (35mm x 45mm, white background) + 1 extra photo
2. Valid Passport + photocopy of personal data page(s) of your passport and of your previous Schengen Visa
3. Certificate of pre-enrollment in a French school or university
4. Scholarship certificate (if applicable)
5. Proof of lodging in France
6. If going on an exchange program, proof of enrollment in a Philippine University 
(enrollment certificate, valid school ID or tuition receipt)
7. Diplomas (including High School diploma
8 Proof of financial resources (self or sponsor's)
           - Official business registration of current and previous years or Certificate of employment
           - Income tax return from previous year (if applicable)
           - Bank Account statement (last three months)
           - Affidavit of support from sponsor (if applicable)

9. Birth Certificate
10. Cash payment for the visa in Pesos only (non refundable)
           - 60,00 Euro / Php 3,300 (approx.)


-Set an appointment for the consular interview by contacting the Consulate call center:
        - For PLDT/Smart/Touchcard Subscribers  1 (909) 101-3333
        - For Globe/Innove/Touchmobile Subscribers  1 (900) 101-3333
        - For Bayantel Subscribers  1 (903) 101-3333
-Processing time: 5 working days
-Warning: Incomplete files may result to the refusal of the application

Here's a Sample, I got this a week after my Interview at the French Embassy in Manila.


  1. Hello! I just got accepted to my school's student exchange program with a school in Frane. I'm already dreading the visa application. Can you tell me about your experience of the visa app interview? :)

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for dropping by. The interview was no biggie. When I got there the queue was not that long in comparison to having an interview with the US embassy. It lasted for about an hour and it was done. They asked me questions like what am I going to do in France? How long will I be staying there? How did I get that kind of scholarship? What's your parents' job? Stuffs like that.. there's nothing to feel anxious about. Just go there where your uniform if you have to since you're having a student exchange program and just have confidence and smile. After all that, I got my student visa after 1 week. No worries. Good luck! :)

    2. Got my student visa!! I really worried for nothing! Haha!

      -Joan "Kimy" Malaya

    3. Hi Kimmy, good to hear that. I'm excited for you! I'm sure you'll have a blast in France. The people and food there are awesome!


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