The Awesome Things: Sabbatical in Europe (side trip Hong Kong)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sabbatical in Europe (side trip Hong Kong)

On the plane for Hongkong..

The Cathay Pacific food was not terrible.. in fact they have very good looking flight attendants on both sexes. Not the typical chinky-eyed chinese. In fact, they look like movie actors and actresses. There was one specific flight steward that I can't take my eyes off because he was just so handsome. Man!

Hong Kong International airport has very high standards of cleanliness it was even named as one of the best airports in Asia. In fact, I don't mind sleeping here if I'd have a layover of over 12 hours in Hong Kong since they have shopping stalls, restaurants and sleeping lounges. How convenient!

I decided to take a little tour in Hong Kong since I had a lay over of 8 hours, why not explore the city instead of waiting and moping around in the airport. Time to see some Chinese culture and have a taste of their food.

Hongkong's Airport is HUGE, you need a train to transport you from one station to another..

Just my luck, I left my jacket here.. beuf! and there were some bus drivers who were rude but there was also one who was so kind. He didn't let me pay on my ride back to the airport after he learned that I left my jacket in other bus. Xie xie!!

In the AirFrance, the flight was 12 hours long! Non-stop! ugh..

We've arrived, finally and I'm still in one piece. 

First day in Paris:
  • My baggage handle got destroyed
  • I lost my AirFrance ticket which was already included by the scholarship and had to pay 22 Euro for the AirFrance bus to Porte Maillot.
  • The Taxi driver who was going to fetch me at Porte Maillot took 45 minutes to find me.
  • I was supposed to meet someone at the Paris Train Station (Gare St. Lazare) but was unable to do so for I arrived 10 minutes before the departure of my train to Rouen.
  • I almost got left by the train to Rouen, but luckily I was able to catch it at the last 5 minutes.
Wooh! I just wanted to cry! Traveling for the first time in a foreign country that speaks little English is super hard! It's so hard to communicate with the people. It was even harder since I was traveling alone. I'd like to believe God surrounded me with His guardian angels and I made it to Rouen to meet my host family.

Porte Maillot, it was beautiful and very very cold! My hands felt numb. Victorian design architecture was everywhere. It was absolutely lovely. C'est Magnifique!

The streets of Paris in the light of the early morning. This was the time when the streets are at its cleanest, its most pure and full of hope.

Imagine the hurricane of emotions rising inside a wide-eyed 20 year old on her first adventure outside the country! Mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement starts to rise and it's just amazing that I can finally see my dream in motion. After such a long time of waiting and working hard for this, It's a dream come true with all credits to the Lord because it's only made possible by Him after all. Come to think of it, it's a miracle. I've always wanted to live and study in a foreign county back when I was a kid but it deemed impossible at that time. So I eventually forgot about it but in my heart, I've always yearned for it to come true. And I can finally experience it at first hand. With my exposure not limited in the movies, internet and books alone. The adventure is much different in reality than in pictures. In reality, you can feel how the coldness seeps into your skin with smoke coming out every time your speak, you can see the wonderful architecture and the people passing by ready for what the day brings and you can smell the scent of the fresh pastries and breads from the Boulangerie and Cafes.


  1. Hi ree :) Just wanna say you're not alone, and I know exactly how it feels like to travel alone to some foreign country. Hope you enjoy your stay! If I were in France I'd totally meet with you especially that I'm also from Cebu. Best of wishes though!

    1. Hi kitkat, If only you were.. it would have been nice to have a Filipino companion in France.. there's not much Filipinos from the city where I'm staying and sometimes one can get a bout of the homesickness.. Enjoy Italy as well! Ciao!


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