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Monday, October 22, 2012

Brand New Eyes

Allow me to give a short introduction of Rouen. The place in Europe where I'll be staying for 1 whole month.  Rouen, is the capital of Haute Normandie (Upper Normandy). According to Wiki, it is one of the largest and most prosperous cities of medieval Europe. It is known for its cows, cider and soft cheese (I'll show you pictures of their fromage in my future posts, so keep updated!) Rouen is 70 mins away from Paris Gare St.Lazare and it would cost you 22 Euro for the train fare. This beautiful and lively city is also known for its Gothic architecture, sheer cliffs along the Cote d'Albatre and fishing boats jostled with designer yachts in the harbours of Honfleur. It is truly a lovey metropolis and one of Normandy's highlights. 

Rouen has had a turbulent history - it was devastated several times during the Middle Ages (Moyen Age) by fire and plague. The young french heroine Joan of Arc was also burned at the stake in the Central Square in 1431. The heart of the City is the rue de Gros Horloge with is beautifully cobble-stoned pavements surrounded by boutiques with middle aged designed houses (It simply reminds me of Hansel and Gretel). Their train station is the Gare Rouen Rive-Droite in the northern end of rue Jeanne d'Arc.

 Its main tourist attractions are the Cathedral de Rouen (It was the subject of a series of paintings by the renowned Claude Monet), Eglise Jeanne d'Arc, Eglise St.Maclou, Musee de Beaux Arts, Palais de Justice, and the Musee de le Ceramique just to name a few.

Madame Chantal Coiffe (My host family in Rouen) et moi. My first day in Rouen was freakingly cold! My hands felt numb and it was always rainy. But, I'm blessed enough to be with Madame, you could not ask for a better host family. She is so warm, nice and endearing. 

We spent the whole Sunday afternoon touring around the lovely and cold city with a taste of its middle aged influence. The whole boutique were closed in the weekends though but nothing can stop us from window shopping. Prices range from 30 Euro up. Wow! 

Rouen has truly sustained the romance of the medieval period, completing the picture of tranquil sophistication giving visitors and the locals an unrivaled taste of the past and present in the Normandie Capital.

France is definitely a place for people with a strong sense of adventure, a passion of history and authenticity and a thirst for new experiences. 

The Apartment where we lived.

Madame's maison is really lovely, full of decorations, collections of crystals and paintings. The walls were covered with beautifully colored wallpapers. It's superb! Here was a place where I can delightfully and soothingly stand still and just let the senses take over. I can still smell the hint of Rose essential oil freshly burned as I stepped into the house and it's warmer here than outside. Everytime you open the window it's as though you're opening the chiller. It's that cold but I'm loving it! I'll update more posts soon! A tout a l'heur! 

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