The Awesome Things: Food Tripping at Spaghetti Factory and Mochiko

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Food Tripping at Spaghetti Factory and Mochiko

Soon enough after the Bread of Life Church Service was done at Onstage Ayala, we were consumed by our roaring stomach. We decided to try out Spaghetti Factory and we were not disappointed. The restaurant had this Italian theme all over, the waiters were wearing an Italian Flag apron and it felt very Italian-ish. We spent our time satisfying our cravings at Spaghetti factory and Mochiko! 

First of, I want to give a shout out to Kenneth (Rosevie's cousin for the delicious treat). God truly blesses those who feeds the poor and rewards them a hundred folds. :)

"When you practice the art of giving, you would experience the wonders it brings!"

 I love how Spaghetti factory in Ayala has very comfortable seating and their pictures of pasta all over the walls makes me crave even more for pasta. You see, I'm a lover of pasta and anything cheese-laden, it's so creamy, and it just wakes up my sleeping taste buds.

        Their grilled Pork and Chicken with Pasta and rice (Php 150.00) did not disappoint me, you can still smell the sweet and sizzling aroma of the freshly grilled dish. This girl loves her meats. Once taken in, it's rather juicy and very appetizing. (Rating 9/10)

Honestly, It's the first time I've heard about Mochiko, thanks again to Kenneth. If it wasn't for you dude, I would not have discovered this delicious Japanese style ice cream. I've walked passed this small stall at 3rd floor Active zone, Ayala before but I did not dare pay any interest to it. I thought it was some sort of patisserie. Who would've known that inside the pastry dough is the delicious ice cream inside (Price: Php 70.00) It's very unusual and you should try their best sellers. I reckoned, the cookies and cream is a must-try....

                 .... And Rosevie just went munching in. Yum! 
What a great way to spend your Sunday, Satisfying your pent-up cravings and trying out new and unusual "nouritture" (that's French for food).

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