The Awesome Things: Elle Me dit by Mika

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elle Me dit by Mika

I'm practicing my French now through reading travel guides, translation books and singing French songs. I know I would have a hard time adjusting to the language barrier in France soon... Ergo, I'm preparing myself for the challenge up ahead. I'm always up for a little challenge especially when it means living my dream in motion. I don't want to see myself gape around and drop my mouth to the floor while listening to the French speak(without understanding any single 'mot' (word), that's just rude!

Bonne chance a moi en France! Ce'st France est si belle!

2 weeks to go before the Big day and for this naive mouse's first time to fly to another country and to my dreamland. Thanks to my good friend Rosevie Taruc for sharing to me this upbeat and happy song and Special thanks to my God for making my dream come true, with Him all things are possible.

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