The Awesome Things: How to Get your Birth Certificate authenticated by the Legal Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines)

Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Get your Birth Certificate authenticated by the Legal Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines)

First off you can ONLY get your birth certificate authenticated by DFA Manila Office, that's the only way. It's worth Php 200. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way, since I'm living in Cebu I thought I can get it authenticated by DFA Cebu so I went there and wasted so much time and taxi fare going there just to learn that I need to send it to Manila through DHL Express. So I traveled again and it was exhausting since it was a very hot and humid day in the Philippines it was about 12nn after all and the temperature was soaring but I need to go through all the effort because it's a VISA requirement you see. The things we do for our dreams. Oh well.

Here are the requirements for sending your birth certificate to DFA Manila to get authenticated:

- NSO Certified Birth Certificate
- Clear and Certified True Copy of your Birth Certificate from the Local Registrar and (or) Photocopy of Passport

The photocopy of the passport is really just an option but to play safe that my birth certificate will not be rejected DFA Manila, I sent them a photocopy of my passport anyway (the identification details not the front cover)

DHL Express rate:

Php 500 - (processing time is 10 to 15 working days)

Php 700 - (processing time is 5 to 7 working days)

but if you're already in Manila then it's only Php 200.

Please be guided, I know I learned the hard and tiring way I hope you're informed now, I know I wasn't. But I'm glad to be of help to you (readers). 


  1. Nice info! thanks for sharing :)

  2. Can you guide me In case of mass death where several persons died due to natural calamities, accidents, epidemic, etc., the health officer may issue and case the registration of the death certificates at the Local Civil Registry Office where the mass death occurredclick here .What kind of steps need to tackle this problem?

  3. Hello Neil Johsnon, I honestly haven't got a clue with regards to your question. I think the government officials or the health officer are the ones more qualified to give you the detailed answers that you need. I don't fall into that category of being the expert on giving out those information. Sorry.

  4. hallo, any dhl offers this dhl express authentication service?? thanks

    1. yes I actually had mine authenticated through DHL near the Cathedral and if you happen to be based in Cebu, you can go there and have it processed by them..

  5. how much is the pay to have the documents authenticated by dfa?

    1. Last year, it was worth around Php 200. I don't know if they increased it..

  6. OMG! thank you so much for the good info Miss!
    I am supposed to go now to the DFA Cebu now but it happened that I was so curious of what are those requirements that I need to brng for the BC authentication.
    I am so glad I read your site.
    Thanks really for the help.


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