The Awesome Things: CHIKA-AN RESTAURANT, SM City, Cebu

Friday, August 3, 2012


After the Cebu Bloggers had their monthly meet-up in Costabella Resort, our tummies were starving and we went to Chika-an to feed our ever starving selves and since it was already about 7pm, we chose chika-an in SM City, Cebu. Thanks to Orville Tadle for the awesome treat, God would surely bless you a thousand folds for your generous heart. :))

Chika-an is a typical Filipino restaurant with a very warm atmosphere and its the best place to whet your appetite. Truth to that! The place was bustling with people. No doubt, because they serve really good food that would surely wake up your taste buds. Here, let me show you about what I'm talking about..

The hungry bloggers, oh so busy with the food. I guess they're that hungry, I know I was. Orville is the only guy smiling here, the others are so busy.

Their shrimp in garlic butter was exquisite. The garlic butter truly complements the shrimp, It really brings out its flavor and the parsley is so fresh, you can really taste the zing of the herb. I highly recommend it 
(Rating: 10/10)

The Baked Scallops taste just like heaven, I can't help but find myself close my eyes while relishing its delightful taste, it's that good. Well, baked scallops are always good but you can really taste the saltiness of the cheese on these babies. I love the fact how the cheese has melted coating the scallops while giving it a taste of creaminess. It's so good!!!! Rating (10/10)

Their Crispy Pata was so exceptional, it has that golden brown color and texture to it, you just have to try this the meat was so crispy and really good. There were no words. The Crispy Pata is never absent in any Filipino cuisine, and we should be proud of it. Plus, The service is really good here compared to that in (insert famous restaurant here in Ayala) where their service was horrendous. Rating (9/10)

Another great thing about Chika-an, UNLIMITED RICE! I for one, can never live without rice. It's what I grew up eating and truly part of the Filipino culture. Sometimes we even eat it during snacks and sometimes even paired in desserts. Although we are the number one harvesters of rice in Asia, we are also the number one consumers. It's in demand in the Philippines. Rating (10/10)

The place was bustling with people. gutom teh?!! lols.

Their Buttered Chicken was okay, but it doesn't really give off distinguishing taste from all the other buttered chicken I've tried, okay so it's buttered chicken, what now? It's quite forgettable of a dish but I won't say that it's also so bad and dry. Just not as great.
Rating (7/10)

The Cebu Bloggers, all satiated and full from all the delicious food. Booochog!

2/F Northwing, SM City, Cebu

Contact: (32) 233-0350

Thank you Orville for the delicious and wonderful treat! Merci Beacoup

Orville Tadle

 is a Cebu-based blogger and SEO strategist, you can contact him should you have any concerns regarding driving more traffic to your sites. 

here's the link to his site:


  1. I do really love all the restaurants here in Cebu . They really have the delicious food here. You must try it.

  2. Hello Ashnia, Truth to that! Cebu has a lot of delicious restaurants to choose from. Ching Palace offers really good food though, just so you know.. :)


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