The Awesome Things: 1st Social Media Day in Cebu

Sunday, July 1, 2012

1st Social Media Day in Cebu

Last June 30,2012, Cebu celebrated its 1st Social Media Day at Mactan Isla Resort and has proved to be a success. It was co-organized by Cebu Blogger's Society, Inc. It's no doubt that Social Media has gone mainstream. At this time and age, it's hard to imagine that someone out there still doesn't have a Facebook account and what's even harder to imagine is the fact that someone still hasn't heard about twitter, Facebook, or even YouTube. Unless if he lives in a cave than I guess that's an exception but this not the stone age  people. Social Media is taking over and it's here to stay whether you like it or not so you might as well use it to your advantage.

So, what's all this hype about Social Media anyway, what's the big deal?

Well, we celebrate Social Media because.....

"Social Media Day Cebu will be a day of fun and blogging literacy, of acquaintances and sharing stories about blogging and social media," exclaimed Cebu Bloggers Society President Ruben Licera Jr.

It's an event for avid users of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Stumbleupon, Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites. It's indelibly something that WE ALL enjoy.

CBSi Vice President for External Affairs Bjornson Bernales adds, "SMDayCebu will also be a day of meeting with bloggers who have benefited from blogging, who are interested in sharing their online opportunities and who may be your partners in possible ventures.

Here's the low-down on what I learned during the event:

On Freelancing with Elance.
by: Orville Tadle

Orville Tadle, a lone SEO graduate of, co-founder of and one of the top 3 awardees of 2010 Philippine SEO Contest shared to us his knowledge about freelancing, on how it's a fast way of earning money online. It would give you the freedom to work anywhere you want, may it be in your favorite coffee shop or simply in your humble abode, thus, giving you more time to spend with your family.

Ethics online and in the field.
by: Jean Mondonedo

Ms. Laureen Jean Mondonedo, the Content Editor of Sun.Star Network Exchange discussed about how you should be careful about what you post online and how you should maintain good writing habits. Just because you're a blogger, the editor and the publisher of your blog doesn't mean that you can go on posting anything that you like without thinking of the consequences. You may find yourself copying someone else's work without even giving any credit to your source thinking that you will not get caught, but you will get caught, eventually. Plagiarism is a No-no and Libel is definitely a no-no as well.

Writing Killer Content for your blog.
by: Max Limpag

Max Limpag, a multi-awarded blogger and veteran print and digital journalist, the business editor of Sun.Star Cebu, named the best technology blogger in the 1st Philippin Blog Awards in 2001. Named the 1st runner up in the Best Cebu Blog Awards in 2010 and an Icon of his caliber was kind enough to give us some points about writing killer content for your blog.

  • First things first, "If you want to be a good blogger, you SHOULD master first the basics of writing." Just like what Lebron James did last year when he lost the game of basketball, he went back to the basics and it led for them to win the game this year and he was awarded MVP of the year. Boom!
  • "Write for people, not for algorithms. Social networks are a network of people, not machines. Algorithms change but good writing stands the test of times." Enough said.
  • "Organize notes, in order for you to organize your ideas and to write better"
  • "Re-write. Edit. The person who says that he does not need editing is really the first person who needs editing." You could write today without even considering grammar, then leave it. Come back to it again after you've had a breather, then that's the time that you edit, when your mind is free from clutter so that you can be more articulate in your writing.
  • "Make it worth the reader's time, to inform them or to give them something enjoyable to read." I for one would not "stalk" other blogs if I don't find anything interesting in their contents, may it be because I enjoy reading their works, find myself smiling or laughing about some anecdote that I've read or even for the fact that I actually learn something.
  • "Keep writing. writing. writing. Writers are made and you should take the effort to improve your skill to a level you are satisfied of. Real writers are not born. They are made." 
Increasing your Online Influence through Social Media Networks.

Fleire Castro, is the founder of Third Team Media, a Certified Blog Entrepreneur, a certified Inbound Marketing Professional and the Social Media Chairman of Cebu Bloggers Society and a full-time mom-blogger. She tackled about how to be increase your online influence and how to impact a change in the sphere of your influence because your voice is important and if you've got something brilliant up in your head, you need to voice it out  through increasing your influence offline and in the digital realm. You need to reach out to the public and be heard.

Pillars of Influencers:
  • Reach
  • Relevance
  • Resonance
picture2x and awarding of certificates to the speakers of the event. :)

Lastly, this event would not have been made possible without the following sponsors: Mactan Isla Resort, Cebu Tech Jobs, Pinoy Great Deals, Mozilla Philippines, Sun Cellular, Globe Tatt Awards, SMART Communications, PRWorks, Diamond Suites and Residences, iTRAVEL iEXPLORE Tours and Services, Marc Louie Photography, Krispy Kreme,, Multiply (Social media and marketplace), and JYGonzales and Partners.

Offline media partners: Cebu Daily News, Freeman, and Sun.Star Cebu.

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