The Awesome Things: That's the way my tummy grumbles

Monday, April 23, 2012

That's the way my tummy grumbles

It was a seemingly bright and sunny Sunday where I happily find myself preparing to go to the 11:30am service of our church. Little did I know, I would fall under the pit of my own carelessness. As I draw near to my point of destination, I had a sudden realization- I left my wallet at home and had no means of paying for my transportation, tithes and even for my own food. To add up to my tribulation, I still had a job orientation due at 2pm. While swallowing my shame, I told my situation to the driver. Good thing because he took pity on me though and just let me go without paying. Looks like I would keep on doing this until I get home, I thought to myself. While at church, I find myself earnestly praying to God that somehow, money would magically appear on my path but that didn’t happen, and without knowing anyone in church for having been a newbie, borrowing for money was unthinkable. However, I badly need to get to my job orientation, so I had no choice but to ride the jeepney again and having felt so guilty about not paying the first driver, I insisted that he should have my shades in exchange for my fare. While I was sitting together with my other colleagues-to-be listening to our supervisor talk for 3 hours, my tummy started to give grumbling sounds for not having eaten anything since lunch.  Then to my utter disbelief, our supervisor took out money from his wallet and sent someone to buy burgers for our snack. It was as though he has heard the grumbles of my tummy. When I thought that God did not hear my cry for help, I was truly high in relief that He used this guy as an instrument to provide food and to help suppress my hunger. God truly works in mysterious ways and from then on, I always see to it that I do have my wallet in my bag.

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