The Awesome Things: Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte : Say Wow in Siargao!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte : Say Wow in Siargao!

Presenting the Surfing Capital of the Philippines............. Siargao Island. It is an island that needs little introduction, Siargao Island has a land area with apporximately 437 sq. km. with its coastline marked with a long stretch of white, sandy beaches. It's a paradise for beach bums alike. Siargao's "Cloud 9", was featured in Surf Magazine as one of the best ten best waves in the world! Truly another beauty that the Philippines can boast. There are several quality waves in Siargao and islands nearby but the best waves are located in Cloud 9. The wave was discovered by travelling surfers in the late 1980s. It was named and made famous by American photographer John S. Callahan, who published the first major feature on Siargao in the United States. Callahan has put the island on the international map and has drawn thousands of surfers and tourists to Siargao. Enthusiastic foreign and locally owned tourist accommodation and tourist facilities have profited from the magazine publicity and the throng of visitors drawn by the annual Siargao Cup competition every September.

 Siargao Island is the red mark at the map below.

After the ordeal - that is the Sendong flood that devastated thousands of homes (including ours), My family then decided to have a bit of an R&R, with Siargao Island in mind as the perfect vacation destination. We started off at dawn under the inky sky and traveled for roughly about 10 hours all in all. 6 hours on the road from Cagayan de Oro City and 4 hours in the barge. The fare for the barge heading to the Port of Dapa in Siargao Island was about 180 pesos and if you're thinking of bringing along a car then you'd have to pay another 3800 pesos, approximately.

 It was one heck of a tiring trip but when we eventually reached General Luna, Siargao Island, we were high in relief and exhilaration. Thank God we're finally here and our already sored bums from all the sitting are without doubt, high in relief as well.

1 down! now, all we need to find is a place to eat and a place to stay and we need to find it fast since it was almost twilight or else we'll have to sleep at the tower (see picture below) Since all the places are full for the Holy Week.

The tower is what it's famously called for where an influx of visitors and eager surfers gather during the Annual Siargao Cup held every September.


                              these guys are preparing for the incoming small waves... small yet terrible

My aunt striking a pose..

With God's grace, He brought us to a really lovely house where we only paid P2000/per night, despite the fact that we can use everything in it including the kitchen and refrigerator at the other house. It was undoubtedly a good deal! Lady luck was definitely on our side at that time. You know what, I prefer calling it favor, God's favor.


Things to Bring:

1. Sunblock (the higher the SPF, the better!)
2. Money in local currencies (Do remember not to keep all your money in the same bag, hide small amounts in different places maybe in your shorts or socks for instance because in case your wallet gets lost, at least you have some amount hidden elsewhere)
3. Camera
4. Map
5. Insect Repellent 
6. Summer wear
7. Water (lots of it)

 Plan of Action:

  • The Boulevard - This Plaza is situated in General Luna where you can go swimming on its gorgeous sandy beaches and at night, it becomes a Karaoke hub where you can buy cheap and delicious food or go fishing in the boardwalk nearby.

  • Take a hike - the best way to explore this beautiful island is to, walk.

  • Cam whoring with this statue. 

  • Have your breakfast in the garden while having dogs cadging for food. (these dogs are not ours by the way, they're owned by foreigners who run the accommodation and facilities in the area)

  • Sagana Resort - Its a beautiful and peaceful resort located in Cloud 9. 

  • Bones Sports Pub - Its the place to be where it gets up and pumping at night, where you can enjoy good music, good food and booze. They also have facilities like a ping pong table, billiard table and television where you can watch your sports game. 

  • Relax - the most probable reason why you came to the island in the first place. So sit back, relax and enjoy reading a good book or something.

  • Do crazy stuffs - this is what happens when we run out of things to do, the heat just probably got to us. 

  • Cam whoring again - Trying to take pictures worthy enough for our Facebook profile picture. 

this did not do justice.

Neither did this. It was fun burying my legs in the sand though. So.. sandy.

what a cutie.

  • Romping in the beach- You could go sun-bathing (which we Filipinos don't necessarily need because of our God given sun-kissed skin), Lying on the beach whilst listening to your playlist, make sand castles or even play Frisbee or Volleyball.

  • Surfing - With Cloud 9 famously known for its hollow tubes, why not go surfing. Its fun but very tiring especially if you're a noob. Once you'll try it, that's when you'll realize how exhausting it would take for you to paddle with your arms while lying face down on your surfing board especially when the current gets too strong.

but it's still fun watching these dudes go surf. You'll find yourself exclaiming oooohs and aaaahss and Wows!

  • Go and meet some hot guys - I admit, I don't even the names of these hotties as  I just  borrowed and asked to take a picture with them to show to my friends. :D

  • Tower Diving - As there is no cliff nearby, why not go to the top floor of the tower and just JUMP!

My sister just coaxed me to take a picture of her holding a surfing board. It's just a pretence that she's actually a surfing pro. Yet most people never leave Siargao without a picture of them holding a surfing board, it's like you have not actually gone to Siargao if you do not have a picture of yourself holding a surf board. No one will ever know you're not a pro, OOoops! xD

  • Naked Island - If you're familiar with Camiguin White Island, this island is just similar to it. It's just a stretch of beautiful white sand however it feels hotter here than other nearby places as there are no trees or shrubs whatsoever. 

  • Sohoton Cave - To get to this cave, it requires you a 2-hour pump boat ride from General Luna but you have to come here during the low tide for the pump boat to be able to enter the cove. What do you do when you get here? You can enjoy swimming with non-stinging jellyfishes or go diving in the deep waters.

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  1. Hi. Do you have the contact number for the house you rented? Thanks!

    1. Matter of fact, yes! My mom has his contact.. if you can just give me your email, then I can send it to you.. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Amie, thanks for dropping by and taking time to read my post.. glad you enjoyed it..


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