The Awesome Things: Treasures in Heaven: The Real Deal on Investing 101

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treasures in Heaven: The Real Deal on Investing 101

(this is a story that never fails to open my heart and to make me think deeply of what truly matters in my life, It's from an old book "The Bible Stories" which consists of many short stories but I would like to share to you one story that I loved (and I still do) since I was a child. It's a perfect bedtime story for little children and the child at heart I guess. It gives you a realization about how temporary this world is and everything else in it and what life is all about. Nope, it's not material wealth (like a Mac book, a Mansion, an island or that iPhone 4S 64G that you've been forcing your parents to buy for your birthday) but - treasures in Heaven (like living for others and not living for our own selfish dreams) Hope you like it.) 

In Those far-off days when Jesus was teaching in Galilee there were no banks such as are to be found in every city today. If a man had something of value he wanted to keep very safely he put it in a hole in the ground, or in a cellar under his house.

But the best of such hiding places were not very safe. If they were damp, then the precious object became rusty or tarnished. If they were dry, and the treasure was a beautiful garment, or a priceless picture, or a valuable piece of furniture ,then moths or worms or white ants would destroy it. Then, too, there was always the danger that thieves might break in and steal it, or an invading army carry it away.

There simply wasn't any safety anywhere, and Jesus pointed out to the people how foolish it was of them to spend so much time saving money to buy things that wouldn't last, or that couldn't be kept very long, or that could be so easily stolen.

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust... corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal," He said: "but lay up for yourselves treasure in heaven."

Such treasures would be safe forever. No moths, no rust, no thieves, can get in there.

The people mush have looked at Him with a puzzled expression on their faces. What did He mean? How could anybody put treasure in heaven?

Perhaps somebody called out, "You mean I can put my money in heaven and it will be safe from robbers?"

"But how?"
"By giving it somebody in need." (now, that's investing)

Then everybody must have smile. It seemed so foolish. Yet it wasn't. It was very, very true. Because, you see, when we use our treasure in a spirit of love to help others we really give it to God; and God, who never forgets a single good deed done in His name, in some way will repay our gift,and often it is much more than we could ever wish for.

"Give, and it shall be given unto you," said Jesus; "good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into you bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal is shall me measured to you again"

Love puts the treasure in heaven and love pays it out again.
Of course it takes faith to put money-or anything else- into this kind of bank. But it takes faith to put money in any kind of bank, doesn't it? Of course it does! Even a piggy bank!

So to make this new kind of banking work, you have to believe in God, and heaven, and live-which is the only kind of money heaven knows.

"Where your treasure is," said Jesus, "there will your heart be also." If your treasure is in your basement, or anywhere else on earth, you'll be forever worrying about it; but if you use it in love to the glory of God you will put it in heaven; and your heart, following it there, wilt find peace and happiness which heaven alone can give.

there this one time in my life that I haven't really brought up and I just feel like sharing it..

I remember this woman from the radio who was asking for help and a little donation, so I called her wondering where we could meet up so I could at least give her a little money to help lighten up her load financially. She had this 12 year old physically challenged child, you see, and she was carrying this 34kg child on her back with 2 heavy bags on both her hands. By the sight of it, I feel myself dissolving into tears. How can she manage all this. The pain. The sacrifice. I couldn't imagine myself being in her shoes. She was a mother and to me she's a hero. I was kind of hoping that my little cash could give her some help, it was all I could managed. It was not much but it was some sort of a thanksgiving offering to God for all he has done, for his love, grace and favor that I so do not deserve . I did not expect anything in return because they did say when you give, expect nothing. And I took that advice, but the act of giving is a truly rewarding feeling in its own right reward or no reward. It can give you a sense of joy and happiness that you can't find just about anywhere else(not from your friends, or from late night parties. It's way better than that. Give.give.give.

Though sometimes, it's hard to give up our precious objects let's just pray that God may give us a generous heart just like how generous He is to us. When I feel guilty of being selfish sometimes, I give. Generosity is the cure for selfishness. It's normal to be self-absorbed and self-seeking sometimes, we're humans, it's innate of our nature. But every ounce of generosity can be learned and it starts with giving. Don't let the God's blessing stop in you. It's not balanced to keep on receiving much and giving less. You should learn to give back what has been given to you because we don't own anything in this world, it's all borrowed. When we give, it's when we truly start to invest in the real deal so when we receive, receive, receive. We must as well Give, give, give. It's a whole cycle of Love,love,love. Keep it flowing.

 I just love how this lyrics goes from "Blessed" by Hillsong.

"So much I can't contain it. So much I gotta give it away. Your love has taught me to live now, You are more than enough for me."


  1. "Giving it to someone in need." That's a great perspective of investing.

    1. jaycee, glad you think the same way! :)


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