The Awesome Things: My Practicum Experience (and somewhat some sort of a sabbatical)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Practicum Experience (and somewhat some sort of a sabbatical)

Ever wondered on what planet have I vanished into during my 2 whole months of blogging hiatus (December-January). Well, nope, I did not go to another planet. No Space flight happening here if ever you're wondering. I was just so busy with reality that's all. I have a life too you know. This practicum training of mine in Imperial Palace was like the best 4 months ever (Oct-Feb.)!!! No kidding! I've had so many memorable memories. Met so many awesome people that made my life a lot colorful and I can't believe that it's all over now but I'll never forget the people that I've met and I'm ever so grateful to God for bringing such wonderful people into my life. I deeply apologize to the whole blogosphere for deserting you for 2 months. It's just that my notebook has gone to computer heaven now thanks to the whole flash flood in Mindanao since I left it back home and I have no internet connection back at the boarding house in Lapu-Lapu. So there you have it, may lame excuse for not updating my blog. Sue me.Seriously, I have no means of internet connection and I was so busy with my training. However, I've had so much fun!

Enough yapping, here's what I've been up to during my hiatus:

I had my OJT at Imperial Palace and I got to meet the wonderful and awesome Sales and Marketing Staffs, they're nothing but nice to me and sometimes they even feed me food. hahahah! The Cheonsan Dimsum was absolutely delish, thank you to Ms. Anita Kim. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and thank you for the support and new learnings.

from left: (Ms.Anita Kim, Ms Manna Alcaraz, Me, Ms. Janice Pobre, Sir Patrick Uytiepo, Ms. Yulia Hegay, Ms. Ann Ditching, Gen. Mngr, Heunmi, Ms. Clarish Amo and the Asst. Gen Mngr. Dir Jonathan Nowell)


 This was one of the photoshoots for the promotions of  Coral Seafood Restaurant.

ung kawawang christmas tree namin.. heheh, pinaghirapan namin yan even though it may not be all that but atleast.. well atleast meron.

 tis was during the hotel's Christmas tree lighting and the gift giving for the kids. Kayud talaga si Gladys Cervantes oh. Splendid OJT nah! ikaw na teh! ikaw na talaga!

With Sir Rene...

Lea and Me with the Rondolla kids..

This was like one of the most awesome Christmas party ever.
from left: (Martin, kate, Chef Zalde, Gelai, Me and Chef Ramje wit their out of this world Anime costumes)

                                                 picture2x with the Sales and marketing family.

Yep! I'm classy like that. That's just how I roll. Yes I do.

having fun posing with my gurls.. I'll never forget you guys and this blog entry is the least I could do for the moments we've shared together. from left (Puri Mabano, Kate, Lea Tablea, Gelai)

    (Cathy, Charmaine, Majadge Pineda and Puri Mabano) thank you so much Jadge for teaching us the dance moves for the number. You're a life saver.

goofing around. I love these guys! (Kate, Gelai, Lea Tablea and Puri Mabano)

during the Lifestyle Villa launching where we were assisting our PR asst. Mngr. Ms. Manna Alcaraz. It was a nice experience.


         At some point in time, I got rotated to the F & B Service where I was once a receptionist. I remember those times when language barrier with the guests was really a challenge. But I'm flexible. Aneong Haseyo!


my fellow OJTs at Familia...

picture2x para sa portfolio...

Me and Jolly near the yummy desserts.. pwde kumuha?!  hahahha

                       Familia gurls..

One of those Sinulog theme nights.. (Imee, Tracy and Me) Miss you gurls!



One of our favorite tambayan - the bridge. I truly miss these times when we would go night swimming, chikka2x, laughing, shouting our lungs out with cool sea breeze kissing our cheeks. Once, during Christmas eve, since I  accidentally got locked out of the house by my board mates. I happen to grab some dinner that time without bringing my keys. Unbeknownst that something like this would happen. Good thing, two of my guy friends were sitting in a nearby bake shoppe and we got ourselves talking, next think we know, we were jumping off the bridge taking a dip in the 6ft. deep water fully clothed. Dancing to the beat of the music nearby (yes, there was a party, it's Christmas eve after all) and Yes, there were fireworks as well under the starry-night sky. It was pure spontaneity! I was still in my jeans and blouse. We never expected that, that's checking "JUMPING OFF THE BRIDGE" off my bucket list. Realization: Life is spontaneous and you have to be spontaneous as well to ride with the tide of life. You never know what will happen next, anything can happen. Truth to that!  Touche! hahah.  Good times, I must say!

Elizabeth Aries and Me.. these are like just a few of the many people that I met here who made my life so fun and memorable and I'll never forget you all. Sorry if I don't get to mention and posts pictures of all of you but you know who you guys are! Di kaya ng powers ko, ang dami niyo.

chikka2x with the kids who live nearby. They happen to have stopped schooling kse wala lang para lang mag laro - matud pa nila.

Midnight snacks at the boarding house, ang gulo.. but I've had wonderful times sa room na to kahit maliit.

At the Mactan Shrine, well it was not really all that. But it was a historic place, that was where Magellan died I guess. Enough said. I'm probably boring you to death.

Party days sa Mango and after-party eating sa chowking, I'm really feeling all nostalgic now remembering all the memories. Too bad, they'll only remain as memories now. Trapped in the time-stamped treasure trove of pictures. It was as though all of it was only a dream but you left some kind of proof that it was not a dream. It was real. All of it.

                     aaah, the things you do when you're young. just clean and non-adulterated fun. Little bit of alcohol and that's about it. Nothing Immoral. Just wholesome fun with a dash of craziness. hey, we're just kids!

10 years from now, I must say I have no regrets with my youth. I've tried to live it to the fullest and they're all good memories.

party at Hybrid..

the lovebirds.. 

drumming while waiting for the others who were getting henna tattoos.

party people @ J.ave!

making the most out of the vitality of youth before we get too old. Why get serious, when we can have so much fun!

                                               young, wild and free.. full of life and energy!

Our new found friends, though it was short lived. More like a one-night-party-and-we'll-never-see-each other-again-but-it-was-really-nice-to-meet-you-and-we-had-so-much-fun kind of thing.

from left: Neil(the guy in plum who is not looking), Me, Ivan, Mikko,Czarina,Chef Zalde, Jurelle Madarang, Admie and Jeith was the one taking the picture.

                                    It was a fun-filled night of dancing, sweetness, party, getting all pumped-up and a whole lot of crazy. There was FUN written all over that night. Good times.

           foodtrips at chowking. All this partying makes us so hungry!
(from left: Jurelle Madarang, Admie, and Puri Mabano)

Chikka2x and camwhoring with our new found friends who are doctors in the making whom we'll never see again. hahah

                                  At least the memories will get trap in the instrument of pictures. I know, come 10 years later, looking back through all these will surely put a smile on my face and I'll probably say, As it all turned out, I'm not much of a lame person that I thought I was after all and I'm not much of a loser and boring person as I used to be. All it takes is to live life to the fullest, try new things, trust everything to God and May life come to you. No regrets.

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  1. Awesome! Wish I'll be accepted in Imperial Palace. :) It's my dream hotel in Cebu. :)


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