The Awesome Things: Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ice Skating at Mall of Asia

(photo by:

Finally arriving at MOA! (Carla and I goofing around)

Living in Cebu, Ice skating was definitely like a pot of gold in our ears since there is no ice skating rink in Cebu in the first place and thinking of skating on ice was definitely something NEW to us. So, when we reached Manila since it was part of our APEX tour, hitting the ice was one heck of an action-packed activity! I had such a BLAST! I still retrospecting about the whole experience. I just love the cool temperature with a seemingly 16 degree Celsius, It's as though you are in the US (or placed inside the chiller)

Every time you speak, smoke seems to come out of your mouth and I love how the cold is making me looked flush. I feel much prettier, like my pores are tightening up and my cheeks getting flushed. I just love the cold. One way to escape from the heat this coming summer and you can already enjoy a whole day UNLIMITED skating for the price of P300 per pax but it's all worth it especially when it's your first because the whole experience per se will be so enjoyable.

At first I was having a hard time balancing since the ice was super slippery, but eventually when you manage to stand up and do your math without holding unto the railings and observing the foot works of the coaches and other people skating, you'll learn eventually without the need of a teacher. All you gotta do is observe and shake off that fear of getting hurt and you're on the right track.

Shayne and Daisy loving MOA..

                 It's not really obvious that we're having a hard time balancing right? Work it, people!

                                            Foams start to fall from the sky 'este' ceiling lang naman..


Puri on Ice ice baby, come on! sing it!..

Strik a pose!

                                                     Daisy and Hans loving the ice!

Daisy Rubin with the ever so cliche peace sign..

You just gotta work your feet sideways, like rollerskating - but BETTER. Do it slowly and you'll eventually get the hang of it. Falling a lot of times is definitely part of the package so you better be prepared with your pain reliever haplas (lana de Herbal) because you would certainly harbor body aches when you get home. But it's worth it, because it's so much FUN!!!!!! Can't wait to go back to MANILA!!


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  1. Hi just wanna ask if, Pwede pong lumabas? then bumalik?

    1. Hi jebelyn, thanks for dropping by.. Yes, pwde po kayong lumabas since the 300 fee is valid for unlimited ice skating for the whole day..


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