The Awesome Things: May 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Siakoi donut in a dunkin dount cellophane

This came in as a thought over dinner. I remember when I was in High school when we were fetched by my father after quarter exams.

He had this dunkin donut cellophane in the car and I knew that inside was a "siakoi"(the sweet round chewy thing) but it was more of like a donut shape not the common twisted one. Okay, so there he was bringing that little cellophane claiming that it is a proud dunkin donut product (But at ht eback of my head I knew right and then it was not from dunkin, like dzuuh?!! what do you take me for?)

I guess the reason why he did this was because I was such an "arte" kid back then. I would drown my skin with alcohol when somebody whom I think whose hands were dirty try to touch me. Whenever we would ride motorela to school and a fellow passenger would pass me their fare, I'd get my sanitizer immediately and apply it all over. You don't know half of it. I used to be so picky with my foods as well, that explains I was such a thin kid.

So, because of this my father just wants to teach me a lesson I guess so he took me to the market place in the meat and fish section where it was all stinky and the ground all wet with stinky water with flies all over. He brought me there when I was a child of 10 and I was like eeew eew eew! yuk yuk! (hahah). He also took me to Zayas where landfills are. There I saw how loads of mountainous trash were piled all over the place and flies of all sizes were flying around. My attention was more of like focused on how to dodge the flies so they won't touch me. But everything's change now that I'm a lot older feeling pleasantly all-grown up. I don't mind getting all raged and dirty. I don't mind getting my feet dirty from mud. No more generous applications of alcohol whatsoever. I don't mind going to dirty and stinky market places any more.  In fact, I want to blend in with the people. I want to know what it's like to be in their shoes.

These days he keep on running around telling every body that he actually fooled me that the siakoi was not from dun kin's. hey, I wasn't fooled in the first place. There are always two sides to a story and this is my side, this is the truth deep down. He thought that if the siakoi was not in that fancy cellophane then I wouldn't eat it. I was hungry at that time for goodness sake! and I know a Siakoi when I see one, we used to have this as our snack in our DBS (daily bible school) back in OCGS. besides, when you're hungry, most foods tastes extra yummy it's as though your taste buds would become sharper not that it has extraordinary super powers I guess you're just in a state of salivation and any food would do just to satisfy your hunger or your worms for that matter.

Let him think what he wants to think, I'll just let him run around telling people about his wrong presumptions about that situation. Deep down, I know he's wrong. I'm not that picky any more and I'm not an "arte" whiny child any more. Past is past and shouldn't be discussed.
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