The Awesome Things: April 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maitre Chocolatier cafe Cebu

I've been eye-ing this swanky new cafe in Cebu for quite some time now, from the name itself "Chocolatier" it really catches my attention and gives me that tug of desire to give it a try sometime. Come my birthday this April 27th, Chocolatier brace yourslef coz here I come.

It's as though I can hear the cafe whispering in my ears, inviting me in. Some siren this is.

 The moist chocolate cake was delightful you can have it at P255

 it has all these small cherry bites in the inside and top it off with a small chocolate slice with bits of crunchy white nougats.Maybe they place some growth enhancers in this cake we weren't even able to finish the cake coz we were so full awhready and it was a bit too much for us after having eaten their other entrees.oh, the things is, even if it's your birthday they don't give out any compliments on the house, too bad. Just that small little candle. They actually sang a song but it was not as entertaining as that of Bigby's singing-crew-when-its-your-birthday! too bad and they were singing far away from our table, whut the?!..

                                                                 19 going on 17, if only.

                            That's one thing that I found really inviting in their clean-cut contemporary cafe, they have such a fancy and intimate interior married with comfortable white chairs. The room has this brown and cream color mix which I find romantic and smartly decorated.

                                                         Jurelle sure is enjoying the cake..

Roast Beef Panini @ 138

The prices are actually cheaper compared to that of  the chocolatier in Manila, their roast beef panini can sore up to P225. see, what big differences in their rates. It was stated in the description that this dish actually has some dark chocolates in it and I though that the chocolate would overpower the dish and make it taste sweeter than normal. But I'm wrong, it really just compliments the beef very well with a stretch of mozarella  cheese, fresh carrot slices and zuchini tucked in between. I was struggling even to finish this whole thing, if you just plan to have a small merienda or snack, you can take a friend with you and share this with the both of you and you could feel satiated, although it depends if you've actually eaten something before that you guys just have a very lovely appetite having that one simple dish will surely not satisfy you.

Bailey's Vodka Martini @ 115

 The cocktail has quite a strong taste to it, you can really taste that dominant vodka flavor which makes the truffles taste a bit bitter, but I love the chocolate treat at the end that sinks at the bottom of the glass.

Irish Midnight @ P150

I recommend you try this instead, it's what my friend ordered and the strong bitter taste from the alcohol is very subtle. It's like drinking chocolate shake with sugar icing coats on the glass brim. I must hand it to this drink, it's so delectable.

                            Linguini in Pesto Sauce with Parmesan Crusted Chicken @ P190

        The price is cheaper than that in Manila's Chocolatier as well their price range would reach about P255. Guess, they adjusted their price to suit the Cebuanos. Al dente pasta linguini with fresh herbs and spices with crisp and tender Parmesan-crusted chicken strips. The pesto pasta was frim and soft, with a bit of olive oil and herbs in it. The white chocolate sauce really compliments the pasta and chicken strips. The thing is, I didn't really mix the pasta with the sauce when I tasted it, and it taste rather quite bland. My bad, you should definitely mix it with the sauce to enhance its flavor.

Maitre Chocolate cafe's boasts it's premium chocolate with rich elegantly decorated ambience which makes this cafe superb.

Maitre Chocolatier
101, Level 1
The Terraces Ayala Cebu
Cebu Business Park

Contact Number: +63 32 238 7116


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011

It's every girl's fantasy to have wedding of their dreams. I don't mean just any wedding, a wedding with full dazzling details that would leave you in awe. I can think wistfully of it. *sighs* Kate Middleton is one of  the luckiest girl in in the world aside from being in the loving arms of a prince, she gets to have the most amazing global wedding of the decade! Plus, her face will soon be on stamps and coins, how amazing is that?! Weddings like these only comes once in a blue moon so I'll be looking forward to seeing it on TV come this April 29,20011.

  Look at that gorgeous sapphire. Word has it, Sapphire has been linked to women's beauty and loyalty. According to legend that Helen of Troy owned one which was believed to be the source of her charm and desirability. "A diamond might be a girls' best friend, but a sapphire represents the woman herself"

            Imagine a wedding as grand as this, wow! I don't mind if this kind of wedding only happens in my dreams but having to see it parade through would be just as nice.

            When I was a kid, I would always play dress up and one time I was pretending that I was a bride. At my very young age of  8, I was already thinking about those grown-up stuffs. I guess I just had quite a wild imagination and our yayas watching me would just laugh with their very amused looks. Thinking this kid must have gone nuts.

                                    This has got to be the grandest thing I've ever seen.
                                         Duh! It's a palace dude. It has got to be grand.

                                         I'd like to think that I am the girl in the picture. hahah! Dream on.

Fukushima 50

What exactly is this Fukushima 50 you wonder? Let me give you the lowdown.

They are brave Japanese who volunteered to work in the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant when the nuclear plant exploded caused from the very chaotic Tsunami that hit Japan last March 11 20011.
 The Fukushima 50 are the group of around 500 technicians, soldiers and firemen who work in shifts of 50, have been exposed repeatedly to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to avert a nuclear disaster.

The international limit for radiation exposure for nuclear workers is 20 millisievert (20 mSv, or 2 rem) per year, but the detected at Fukushima rose to approximately 1000 mSv/h, the highest level of radiation detected at any point of time during the accident at the plant.About 50 times more than the normal level.

The workers are believed to have radiation sickness in the short term, and the long term stuff could be cancer.
But they do it for the love of their country sacrificing their lives for the life of many. They might not be able to live for 1 year because of their bravery. For me, they are heroes. Amazing heroes where their love for their people and country weigh heavier especially when calamities strike. Amazing heroes who are willing to offer their lives for the safety of others. Kudos! I give to them my salute and to you Fukushima 50.You will always be heroes in the hearts of many.

My heart goes out to Japan and with deepest sympathy I give to you my prayers and support. You are brave and powerful people and I know you would overcome this. Sometimes undesirable things happen to us, but let us always Trust God in every circumstance. Let us be reminded that all good things comes from the Lord and but God allows bad things to happen because it has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason. But these things have to happen to fulfill the prophecy and sooner or later, we would be together with the Lord in Paradise where peace, love and joy prevails.

Proverbs 16:4 :
The Lord works out everything for his own ends—
even the wicked for a day of disaster.

Friday, April 15, 2011

In response to burrying the former President Ferdinand Marcos sa Libingan ng mga bayani

First of all, I strongly believe that he has the rights to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. But let us not forget all the bad things he did because of his greed in power. Let us put in mind what the former president of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew who was a great and successful leader whom he made to flourish the place which is now "Singapore"

Lee Kwan Yew stated in his book that the filipino has this soft and forgiving culture only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics. we are so shallow quite forgetful of our past, PLEAASE LETS put a stand to this and change this. Its time for the Filipinos to shine, Ferdinand Marcos doesn't derserve to be buried in the Libingan ng mga bayani. From the phrase itself, it states there the word "BAYANI".

BAYANI (hero) means A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. Marcos was no Hero. He and his family lived a life of greed and corruptness. Living in their opulent palace while watching the rest of the philippines starve to death and drown in poverty.

Let us not forget the thousands of people that in his command were put to death, the political corruption in our system and their taste of luxury and opulence and becoming one of the cause to the Philippines having billions of debt to foreign nations. Until now, are still left unpaid. How about the anomalies that he had in the government. The disappearance of thousand of people. The suppression of the rights of the people, the press, the media. Everything was under his control. Just because of a little dark thing called GREED.

Please, let us not forget after his reign the Philippines was on its way to going down the drain and hitherto WE HAVE NOT YET RECOVERED. I am an 18 yr. old college student. I believe as a Filipino I have the responsibility to take part in the country in my small ways. As a Christian, It would truly give glory to God for me to show my care and love for this country and for my people. I do not want to be apathetic and pretend that we are okay because WE ARE NOT OKAY. Corruption is still widespread and please, let us give honor to our mother land. Let us not bury Marcos sa Libingan ng mga bayani. Where's the justice in that?! For the Love and Honor of our country, please let us not ruin this honor by burying some dirty greedy and corrup ex-president who once ruled this country. Let us not put in vain the death of our marty NInoy Aquino who gave his all for the love of country who fought till his last breath. Let us not put his death to waste. PLEASE.

Red Box Karaoke Ayala

When we finally killed off all our final exams (yep, we murdered them all) me and my friends had always had these plans of going to the beach or even go karaoke. So we decided to check out the latest karaoke bar in Ayala which is Red Box karaoke. There were supposed to be Me, Sarah, Daphne, Rae, Phatty,Shane, Lia, and Cham, I texted Jurelle too(but she didn't reply). Ohwell, rae wasn't able to come cause she had another plan for that day as well as Cham. Lia and Phatty, they said YES earlier that day but maybe they were feeling quite feeble-minded and eventually changed their minds. So what's left were just me,sarah, and daphnie. But heck! we had loads of fun! Goofing around and being silly and letting go of our inner craziness.

                        Sarah giving off the hackneyed peace sign and there's me singing to some song...

What I like about Redbox is their wonderfully designed interior, cozy and tasteful with their richly patterned carpet and new lighting everywhere. You can also control the temperature of the room with the air condition remote control beside the door and next to it is a telephone where you can just call in the staff if you have any concern.

Their price rates are as follows:

Lunch Hour
P299 per head

Happy Hour
P199 per head
includes 1 free drink

Prime time 
P399 per head
includes 2 free drinks
additional P99 per head for their eat-all-you-can dinner buffet
Buffet is served from 7pm-10pm
availabe from sundays to thursdays ONLY.

After Hours
P299 per head
includes 1 free drink

If you do need more informations, you could give them a ring at
(032) 417-1675 / 09176233397

                                           Don't we just look so hHAWT and sexayy?! :)))) hahah

                                              Daphnie and I posing for the camera...

                Sometimes my being feral just switches on, but let me be. I'm just doing my own thang!

        That's Daphnie laughing animatedly by something hilarious thing we probably did. good times!

                                             For the record, the sister sure look gorgeous!

                   The lush chocolate brown sofas are really so comfortable plus they're just newly furnished.

Luckily, we got a big room. They're were other rooms that are much smaller but we told the attendant earlier that there were still about 5-6 people coming so they gave us the large room. Apparently, the others break it to us at the last minute that they couldn't come for some reasons. Mind you, there is actually a far more bigger room than this good for groups with 15 pax.

               Me ans Sarah ordered their brewed coffee by Coffee Dream and Daphnie had her Iced Tea.

       Daphnie, enjoying her drink while holding the mike on the other hand. That's what they call sip and sing!

I never knew Cofee Dream's brewed coffee is so Gooood. The warmth really seeps through my body and it just gives my a twinge of delight as I sip my coffee. I just love their coffee.

Karaoke is truly a favorite past-time but by many. Not just for Filipinos, but even by Japanese and Koreans. It's one way to showcase your a-la-lady-Gaga moves.

                          Daphnie and Sarah dancing aroung to Shakira's "waka waka". This make me smile.

                                                   Being the rocker that I am. ohyeh!

Being the rocker that we are este.

     "If you  love me with all your heart, I'll make you the star of my universe" - angus and julia stone

I live and breath for moments like these, and grateful to God for bringing good people and blessings to my life as He always had. We only live in this temporary planet for a short while, might as well savor every breath every laughter every smile. like what mantra always say "Live life to the fullest, no regrets!" (gimme five!)

Some silly poses that pops right into our brain.

              To add it up, Rec Box also have their Ladies' Night on Tuesdays from 7pm -12mn. So it's free entrance for the Ladies but you get to pay for the food and drinks that you order and P399 on their eat-all-you-can buffet still if you plan to avail it.

I really enjoyed our moments there with our laughter-filled rooms and Picture taking (and everything in between) + singing our lungs out +  being the silly buffs that we are for 4 hours. As a result, I had a sour voice after, but it was worth because it was tons of FUN! Those hours that passed by didn't even feel like 4 hours at all. Time truly files so fast when you're having fun. But when you're not, 4 hours would seem like 4 centuries, tell me about it!

Sarah looks like an angel that's about to flap her wings

Red Box is a karaoke shop in Ayala Terraces and you can order foods and drink as well. I'll sure be coming back for more red Box, it's a real stress-buster. It really sets your singing mood and blare the volume off their sound system. It gives off this comfortable and Stylish Atmosphere with their contemporary interiors that you sure will love.

Tsim Sha Tsui Ayala

Tsim Sha Tsui, another Dimsum restaurant in the city. Writing about this is really makes me start to salivate. ugh! in case you don't know, Dimsum or any chinese foods for that matter is actually one of my favorite kinds of dishes. Aside from the fact that it's a lot healthier than Italian or French food that uses a lot of butter and milk (Talk about cholesterol!) Well, they also say that Chinese food especially dimsum uses a lot of MSG, well, some research say that it's not actually that bad and some people say that it can cause you to become a lot forgetful. I don't know what to believe, I just that there is actually some truth to what those researches say. Who knows they could have been food lobbied because of the money that they can get from it. Only God know. Karma strikes back twice as much ya know!

Well, this baby sure looks delicious. Their eat-all-you-can dimsum cost about P350. Quite pricey though. But you can always opt for other dimsum restaurants like Harbour City Dimsum, Dimsum Dinner who can really give you satisfaction on your dimsum cravings.

hmm.. chicken feet. Let's just hope it was cleaned properly.

Hakaw are so delightful. You have got to try one these!!

Ba tsang, we used to always order this in Gloria Maris back in Cagayan de Oro. Gloria Maris is actually another dimsum restaurant that offer delectable chinese food. it's really worth trying.
This ba Tsang right here, is just sticky rice filled with somewhat adobong pork and some shrimps and mushrooms and top it off with some eggs.

I just missed having Gloria Maris once again, It's been a while since then. I remember those sundays where we would usually go to Lim ket kai to shop for groceries and at the same time to play at WOF since my sa-e is addicted to their monkey slots their. But she is currently hooked to bingo slots recently. She always has so much time on her hands. Then, after that we'd go and eat outside. It brings me to nostalgia and I'm even thinking about it in retrospect. No wonder, I was a little more chubby then than now.

The bottomline, As long as the restaurants are dimsum, then I'm bound to love them. Point stated.

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