The Awesome Things: BUCKETLIST OF 20

Thursday, November 24, 2011


You may be wondering, why the BIG 20?

Well, it's just unbelievable that time flies so fast, one minute I'm a child and the next I'm off to college,finding a job,getting married and having kids! and what's next? I'm turning 20 for goodness sake! It's as though I was just 15 yesterday, seriously! It's overwhelming and unthinkable that this could actually be happening to me!! For one thing, there are loads of stuffs that I haven't done yet and I'm still secretly dreaming on. Like:

-riding on a hot air balloon

-canoodling with someone I love

-riding on a yacht

-finding my awesome-who-can-make-me-laugh-always-and-who-loves-kids life-partner

-travel to a foreign country with my awesome friends!

-go bungee jumping (head first)

-have a sabbatical in US

-go on a Eurotrip

-have a sweet British lover with heart-melting accent!

-have a gig in restaurants

-play the piano in a fancy restaurant

-master my piano skills

-dance/perform in a stage front of thousands of people!

-have my own concert even tho i don't have a good voice (if Anne Curtis can do it, y can't i?)

-go party at Vudu/Formo with my friends!

-meet a European hottie in Vudu/Formo (laughs)

-go to a rock concert complete with head banging and shouting!

-travel back in time!

-having 3 wonderful bibbo kids! but in case I'd be a single mom, I'll get inseminated instead and join a proud to be a single moms club and have play dates together! (who needs men right, ladies?!) Such pain in the ass!

-have my own cafe/pastry shop/spa someday!

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