The Awesome Things: Maribago Bluewaters Resort, Mactan

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Maribago Bluewaters Resort, Mactan

Me and my friends got the chance to experience a taste of maribago since our acquaintance party was held in this resort. It's a beautiful place. Especially when the tide is high, the sun's out and people are sun bathing in the beach or just taking a stroll on the long stretch of glaring, white sand.

   For me, I didn't enjoy much about the whole program. Since we were in Alegrado Island, a long oblong stretch island and people seated at both ends hardly hear anything that the hosts are saying. Matter of fact, we can't even see the dancers doing their thing withougt having to turn our head a hundred degrees. Just so you know, we ARE NOT ostrich, kkay? with heads capable of turning it all the way to the back.

   But I especially love the times when we get to play around the beach benches, picture taking with the beautiful beach on our back plus the gigantic chess pieces, which seems impossible to carry with two fingers unlike the normal pieces.they were huge! massive. But unless, you have hands like that of a giant then it would be a breeze for yah. :sweatdrop:

                                                         Maribago and its paradisaical view.

                                   (My wonderful friends: Mark Mendoza, Easson, Rose Taruc, Carla Canete, Necolai Ylaya, Daisy Rubin, Hyacinth Mariquit, Shayne Pastor, and moi)

                              Rose and the girl that seems like pole-dancing is none other than MOi. :)

                          I love the free welcoming lemongrass drinks Bartender George gave us. It tasted delish!! I actually liked it! hahah :D masarap talaga and libre anu?!

                                          (me and Rose posing in front of the welcoming post)

                   a Panoramic view of the beautiful beach front that would leave you in awe the moment you see it.

The resort really gives off this modern theme with a twist of tropicality. It gives you a bit of what the Philippines has to offer. It's a really nice resort that you should consider going someday.

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