The Awesome Things: The Brazilian Wax, what happens when you get one.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Brazilian Wax, what happens when you get one.

Here's a complete guide to what it's like to have a brazilian wax.

As for my experience on getting my vajayjay wax off. Well let's just say I got waxed and it was horrifyng. I'll never try have a complete brazilian wax ever again! YOUCH! I swear! if ever I do, I would only let the sides get waxed but defo not the whole thing.

It really hurt! I feel like I can't walk and everytime I move there's a stinging sensation. I did the whole waxing on my own since I had one of those epilin honey wax where in you just have to melt it then wax and I had some advice from Mr.Miyagi ( wax in wax off ) I was screaming the whole time you have no idea how painful it was and there was blood coming out from the hair roots. Okay, I'm scaring you. But I'm just saying. But it was just horrifying. But I like the way my vajayjay look now. It looks more clean and bare like that of a child who has not entered puberty. I wish having my vajayjay look like this. Looking Goood there baby! But I had to endure the pain for this beauty.:) Are you gon cry baby girl, you gon cry?! Hey! No Whining! toughen up girly!

my favorite is the the hairs that looks like a heart. fancy.

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