The Awesome Things: Teriyaki Boy SM CDO

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teriyaki Boy SM CDO

Twas one sunday night, 
mum: lets go grocery?
me: yea, sure.. are we gon eat outside?
mum: yea, im thinkin japanese..
me(bihis kaagad): lets go!

Then, we find ourselves eating in Teriyaki. I was actually craving for something more chinese that time but japanese food will do.

                          meet mum, mum meet my stalkers 'este' blog viewers.. my ever so simple yet generous and caring mother the sunshine of my life.. asssusss! chaka teh!

                                        my mum checking for some lizards in the ceiling...

                        I don' look bad for someone who didn't t*k* a ****! figure it out. but, i hope you won't

       Because I was craving for chinese food, we ordered for these dumplings called Gyoza for P110. I guess.
It's yummy. a bit salty but that's what I like I'm the kind of person who has a thing for salty food. I crave salty foods morre than sweet foods really.

                                           California maki for P125. The maki is covered with "flying fish roe" in japanese its "Tobiko" if you want sosyalan "caviar" kkay? and don't ask me why they call it flying coz obviously its not flying. What were they thinking right?! and oh, we never touched the wasabi. egh.

                This is what you call Agedashi Tofu for P95. mah dear. Its like silk tofu and a very nice sauce with a salty taste but not too much. Just the right amount of salt.


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