The Awesome Things: Dahilayan Adventure Park

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dahilayan Adventure Park

It was in the summer of 2010 that my family planned to go to the Dahilayan Adventure Park. Even the moment I saw those advertisement pictures in the local television I've always thought that it would be a nice place to visit. Indeed, I'm right. It must be my intuition I guess. The park really gives off this cool and relaxing atmosphere. That would cool your stressful undertones from the exhaustion and monotones of life.  It has the same ambiance and atmosphere of that in Eden Park in Davao. In other words, it really brings you to that wavelength where you can connect with mother nature. 


The entrance to the park with my family and friends. The park was about 1 hr and a half from Cagayan de Oro City or 40 km away. It's like a mini Baguio here in Mindanao.

              It's so green the ambiance that it's so beautiful to look at.

                                       me and my brother...

 I just love the part where there are loads of pine trees and you can even have a picnic there, it's like the whole place is air-conditioned. Thank you photosynthesis.

I had such a wonderful time with them especially with all the chikka chikka and chatting and just having a good laugh whilst traveling in the car and having to pass through camp Phillips with pineapple plantation and those nice looking houses which I didn't managed to take a picture of. Punish me if u must. I kid.

                                                  Somewhat, this reminds of me of the sound of

 Beware for those who have weak hearts and who are Altophobic 
( that's fear of heights for you). Since you'll be swinging up in the air about millions of meters above the ground. okay, that was an exaggeration since I really don't know the exact meters. Sue me.

I miss this place even I f I had to pay 500 pesos again for the package I would do so, but that was the starting promo price tho.  I guess I'm the mountain loving kind of person and not the beach bum type. Since I have a morena complexion so I don't want to get crispy fried in the beach. The cool mountain breeze will suffice for me. Makes me feel refreshed and leaves my spirit anew. seriously. no joke. I love cold atmosphere kinds of places.

                My sister, just got off from the ride. (had a blast sis?)

         Okay from now on, my favorite trees shall be pine trees.

The 350 meter zip line where you can spread your wings, I mean arms like a bird.

The beautiful garden whit its lush green everything... I miss Dahilayan so much and how the cold breeze kisses my cheeks and how everything smells pollution-free.

And oh, just so you must know. They have new activities now like bungee-jumping which we weren't so lucky to catch it. They also have horse back riding and getting inside that ball watcha ma call it and you run on the water while you're in the ball. kuha mo? It's the place to be, kaay.. bye.

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