The Awesome Things: The Joys and Pains of College Life

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Joys and Pains of College Life

               Dog days are now over and we are yet to face another school year full of pains and thrills of being a student. You have finally graduated high school and have decided to take the road of being a Carolinian, not a bad decision for this is the place where you’ll find brilliant minds and a place where you yourself can hone your beautiful mind. A whirlwind of thoughts might come into your mind of what you would expect in your college life. Some might think that this is finally my place to shine especially for those who were quite on the low dumps in high school. Some may think that this is the place where they can reinvent and revive themselves as a person. Some may see it as their freedom from their parents who are living miles and miles and miles away from them, but mind you, you’ll miss your folks and their non-stop ranting sooner or later. Some may fall homesick from their loved ones and find your pillow soaked with salty tears at night. Toughen up! For the time will come where you’ll soon reap your harvest with your diploma in hand.

                You will soon find new friends who are worth keeping where you’ll have a good laugh with them every once in a while and they are the ones to stick by you and lighten up your spirit when your suffering from a heartbreak or from the midterm and final exams. Plus! They are good for your soul. In college, you would get to meet lots of interesting people with their unique experiences in life. As much as possible talk with lots of people in your different classes, you never know you would learn something from their own experiences in this thing called life. Alas, College is the time where stress and pressure of making it to the dean’s list or even just passing your subjects are always present and never absent. You’ll sometimes find yourself with a terror teacher but remember that these are the teachers where you’ll mostly learn far more and who’ll push you to your greatest potentials.

College life is of course never complete without the acquaintance parties and Christmas parties where you can showcase your gorgeous looks and let’s not forget the after-parties.
Clubbing, and inuman sessions are mostly present with kids nowadays, a lot of them wind up in mango Square, I.T. Park especially after Exams. It is their way of burning out the stressful overtones. But going out in those public places can expose them to certain dangers like brawls, pre-marital sex, and the very infamous HIV.

We heard rumors that random people would prick a needle stained with the blood of the person with HIV to you; let’s just hope that there is no truth to that. If it is, where is their humanity right?!

Sure parties are fun and finding yourself dancing around with loud music blaring in their background can pump up your euphoria but we should make sure that we surround around ourselves with good friends who would be there to tell us “Enough! You’ve had too much booze” or friends who would say “You are not alright, we should take you home” These are wonderful experiences where we find ourselves with people in high jinks but do consider going home smelling like a cigarette butt is not very pleasant. These experiences are part of growing up but it is a must to know our limits and to keep our dignity and self-respect intact. Go ahead! Live the joys and pains of college life and take every lesson and experience with a grain of salt because it would surely come in handy in the long run that is the “real world”.

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