The Awesome Things: Vanille Patisserie Cafe

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vanille Patisserie Cafe

Ayala terraces, it boasts it's aesthetis landscape and a haven for people seeking good food, fun and entertainment.

Belgian Chocolate Macarons at P30, YUM! it's to-die-for!!

Vanille Pattiserrie Belgian Chocolate Truffles @P30/each

This happened a year ago where I was new in Cebu since I decided to study college here in the ever growing sophistication of "The Queen City of the South". It was one gloomy and stressful day for me in my ex-pharma life (It's so miserly for me, I don't even want to think about it). Now, back to that day, as I was saying, I was really feeling quite down and out and I just wanted to be alone to think things through with my life.

So I decided to take a stroll at Ayala terraces, Cebu doing a little exploring on the food shops and window shopping at some boutiques and maybe even buying a little thing or two.... Then, I spotted this vintage looking somewhat French inspired design of a pattiserrie. As a thought since it somehow really looks fancy and there were elite people inside the shop, maybe their prices are sourly high and I was not bringing a bigger sum of money that time (afraid that I might spend it on some reckless thing). I was having second thought on going inside or not, but hey! what the heck! if I have to go out of the shop because I couldn't afford anything, kebs! It's not like I know the people there. Ok, back to the pastries, pls don't mind the ranting..

The belgian chocolate truffles were still P25 each at that time and it was the only thing that could fit my budget, I bought one and boy, was it the BEST TRUFFLE I"VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE!! It was like having a taste of french pastry right here in town and you don't need a visa for it and you don't even have to go out of the country to taste such wonderful delectables that would surely make your day. Thank God I've found Vanille Patisserie, and just because I'm an explorer. hahah!

Once you take a bite, you would really experience that bitter taste and the truffle would slowly melt into this sweet, mouth-watering quality chocolate. It's-to-die-for, and it would really put a smile on your face especially when you're having a not so great day. Tip: I would eat that immediately if I were you, one time I decided to have a take-out and it was like 95 degrees outside and it was so humid, the truffle just melted out of shape that I had to place it in the fridge plus since it melted, the bitter powder coating was gone. So sad, the truffle was suppose to be a contrast of both bitter and sweet flavor, a sure treat for your taste buds. But it melted. :'(

Oh, and another that you should try is their wonderful black chocolate and milk chocolate with rice crispies on the back, it's only about p50/each. btw, it melts too but not as fast as the truffles though. :))

Their seats have this velvety cozy feel to it. I find quite vintage, don't you think?

Word has it that the owners, Pastry Chef Valerie Lua was a graduate from ze Le Codon Bleu, Paris. Chef Valerie Lua together with her sister Vanessa made their dream come true by opening a pastry shop here in Cebu. They need some marketing strategies though, to invite not only upper class people to their shop, who knew their products were really affordable and delightful, Need I say more.

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