The Awesome Things: Tsim Sha Tsui Ayala

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tsim Sha Tsui Ayala

Tsim Sha Tsui, another Dimsum restaurant in the city. Writing about this is really makes me start to salivate. ugh! in case you don't know, Dimsum or any chinese foods for that matter is actually one of my favorite kinds of dishes. Aside from the fact that it's a lot healthier than Italian or French food that uses a lot of butter and milk (Talk about cholesterol!) Well, they also say that Chinese food especially dimsum uses a lot of MSG, well, some research say that it's not actually that bad and some people say that it can cause you to become a lot forgetful. I don't know what to believe, I just that there is actually some truth to what those researches say. Who knows they could have been food lobbied because of the money that they can get from it. Only God know. Karma strikes back twice as much ya know!

Well, this baby sure looks delicious. Their eat-all-you-can dimsum cost about P350. Quite pricey though. But you can always opt for other dimsum restaurants like Harbour City Dimsum, Dimsum Dinner who can really give you satisfaction on your dimsum cravings.

hmm.. chicken feet. Let's just hope it was cleaned properly.

Hakaw are so delightful. You have got to try one these!!

Ba tsang, we used to always order this in Gloria Maris back in Cagayan de Oro. Gloria Maris is actually another dimsum restaurant that offer delectable chinese food. it's really worth trying.
This ba Tsang right here, is just sticky rice filled with somewhat adobong pork and some shrimps and mushrooms and top it off with some eggs.

I just missed having Gloria Maris once again, It's been a while since then. I remember those sundays where we would usually go to Lim ket kai to shop for groceries and at the same time to play at WOF since my sa-e is addicted to their monkey slots their. But she is currently hooked to bingo slots recently. She always has so much time on her hands. Then, after that we'd go and eat outside. It brings me to nostalgia and I'm even thinking about it in retrospect. No wonder, I was a little more chubby then than now.

The bottomline, As long as the restaurants are dimsum, then I'm bound to love them. Point stated.

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