The Awesome Things: Sbarro

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sbarro serves BIG slices of Italian Pasta from a price range of P180-200.

I myself can't even finish a whole slice of pasta in one sitting, I'd have to share it with someone or have it packed for me to bring it home. (pinoys talaga) The first time I tried one, I find it a little bland and the white sauce has this sticky consistency. It actually has this aftertaste, that would you crave for it in the next few days but the last time I tasted one, it wasn't completely heaven.

They may look scrumptious and harmless pasta slices but BEWARE! one slice one pasta can give you one artery clogging experience. I remember the last time I had one, I somewhat had some moments where I had a heard time breathing and felt myself from around the heart. The clogging of the arteries must be in motion.

back in the 60's there were not much people who experience cancer or heart attacks. Enter Fast food chains and burger stations, the number of heart attacks heightened in the early 21st century and even as we speak. Heart diseases is even the one killer in the U.S, look it up! The reason behind this? Simply because we don't watch what we eat.

They may look tempting and DELICIOUS! but don't let the looks fool yah!

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