The Awesome Things: The Royal Wedding 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011

It's every girl's fantasy to have wedding of their dreams. I don't mean just any wedding, a wedding with full dazzling details that would leave you in awe. I can think wistfully of it. *sighs* Kate Middleton is one of  the luckiest girl in in the world aside from being in the loving arms of a prince, she gets to have the most amazing global wedding of the decade! Plus, her face will soon be on stamps and coins, how amazing is that?! Weddings like these only comes once in a blue moon so I'll be looking forward to seeing it on TV come this April 29,20011.

  Look at that gorgeous sapphire. Word has it, Sapphire has been linked to women's beauty and loyalty. According to legend that Helen of Troy owned one which was believed to be the source of her charm and desirability. "A diamond might be a girls' best friend, but a sapphire represents the woman herself"

            Imagine a wedding as grand as this, wow! I don't mind if this kind of wedding only happens in my dreams but having to see it parade through would be just as nice.

            When I was a kid, I would always play dress up and one time I was pretending that I was a bride. At my very young age of  8, I was already thinking about those grown-up stuffs. I guess I just had quite a wild imagination and our yayas watching me would just laugh with their very amused looks. Thinking this kid must have gone nuts.

                                    This has got to be the grandest thing I've ever seen.
                                         Duh! It's a palace dude. It has got to be grand.

                                         I'd like to think that I am the girl in the picture. hahah! Dream on.

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