The Awesome Things: Road Trip by Ru DelaTorre

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Road Trip by Ru DelaTorre

Ru Dela Torre's book is such a blessing to all.

Ru Dela Torre is a favored man, a guy with great depth of wisdom and an instrument used by God to bring people to God and to share to them of God's powerful love and grace. Well, some guys just have all the luck.

This book has served as a guiding light to me and a blessing, it gave back to me the perspective of how God hates sin but truly loves the sinner. Thanks to a great friend (Ashley Ranises- "gurl, if you're reading this I'd like you to know how rare it is to find a great and God-fearing person as you", God will surely use you to do great wonders) who has shared this wonderful book to me.

I was in a state of loneliness that time, and somewhat feeling down in the dumps. I was full of spite of my past and my life thinking that It's all ruined, I don't deserve to live and have no chance of a happy life (drama queen? I know right!) But it's all true, suicidal thoughts sometimes occur to me then feeling I have no chance to feel loved and favored. I don't feel appreciated and misery is slowly winning the war in my mind. I was feeling that way maybe because I felt unloved, lonely, I just don't feel the affection of people around me.

Then, God came to me and struck me. I fell in love! With the best kind of love there is. This book has opened my heart and mind and God truly loves me unconditionally and that He wishes good things to happen to my life. I've read of God's grace that he gives to sinners even if we don't deserve it. I've learned how much God truly forgives and forgets. He doesn't mind what evil-as-Hitler things you have done in the past, as long as you are a changed man in the present. The Present is what's important. Filter the bad memories of your past, focus on you present for your bright future that's full of God's overflowing love. His love truly endures forever, and there is no love greater than His love as he died in the cross at times when we were still enemies with God. That's how much he loves us. He is the greatest love that we have been looking all along. Right in front of us, He is our true love. Ditch the movie ideas of finding true love in Paris or in italy, hoping to find a handsome guy who would love you foever. Pure and True love can only be found in Jesus and Him alone. Our one and only savior who loves us dearly. Amazing? I know! profoundly magnificent and ever sovereign. That's our God. This book helped me realized that and gave that fire of loving God even more because truly, He is worth it. More than anything. The greatest treasure of all, that won't rust and get stolen.

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