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Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Box Karaoke Ayala

When we finally killed off all our final exams (yep, we murdered them all) me and my friends had always had these plans of going to the beach or even go karaoke. So we decided to check out the latest karaoke bar in Ayala which is Red Box karaoke. There were supposed to be Me, Sarah, Daphne, Rae, Phatty,Shane, Lia, and Cham, I texted Jurelle too(but she didn't reply). Ohwell, rae wasn't able to come cause she had another plan for that day as well as Cham. Lia and Phatty, they said YES earlier that day but maybe they were feeling quite feeble-minded and eventually changed their minds. So what's left were just me,sarah, and daphnie. But heck! we had loads of fun! Goofing around and being silly and letting go of our inner craziness.

                        Sarah giving off the hackneyed peace sign and there's me singing to some song...

What I like about Redbox is their wonderfully designed interior, cozy and tasteful with their richly patterned carpet and new lighting everywhere. You can also control the temperature of the room with the air condition remote control beside the door and next to it is a telephone where you can just call in the staff if you have any concern.

Their price rates are as follows:

Lunch Hour
P299 per head

Happy Hour
P199 per head
includes 1 free drink

Prime time 
P399 per head
includes 2 free drinks
additional P99 per head for their eat-all-you-can dinner buffet
Buffet is served from 7pm-10pm
availabe from sundays to thursdays ONLY.

After Hours
P299 per head
includes 1 free drink

If you do need more informations, you could give them a ring at
(032) 417-1675 / 09176233397

                                           Don't we just look so hHAWT and sexayy?! :)))) hahah

                                              Daphnie and I posing for the camera...

                Sometimes my being feral just switches on, but let me be. I'm just doing my own thang!

        That's Daphnie laughing animatedly by something hilarious thing we probably did. good times!

                                             For the record, the sister sure look gorgeous!

                   The lush chocolate brown sofas are really so comfortable plus they're just newly furnished.

Luckily, we got a big room. They're were other rooms that are much smaller but we told the attendant earlier that there were still about 5-6 people coming so they gave us the large room. Apparently, the others break it to us at the last minute that they couldn't come for some reasons. Mind you, there is actually a far more bigger room than this good for groups with 15 pax.

               Me ans Sarah ordered their brewed coffee by Coffee Dream and Daphnie had her Iced Tea.

       Daphnie, enjoying her drink while holding the mike on the other hand. That's what they call sip and sing!

I never knew Cofee Dream's brewed coffee is so Gooood. The warmth really seeps through my body and it just gives my a twinge of delight as I sip my coffee. I just love their coffee.

Karaoke is truly a favorite past-time but by many. Not just for Filipinos, but even by Japanese and Koreans. It's one way to showcase your a-la-lady-Gaga moves.

                          Daphnie and Sarah dancing aroung to Shakira's "waka waka". This make me smile.

                                                   Being the rocker that I am. ohyeh!

Being the rocker that we are este.

     "If you  love me with all your heart, I'll make you the star of my universe" - angus and julia stone

I live and breath for moments like these, and grateful to God for bringing good people and blessings to my life as He always had. We only live in this temporary planet for a short while, might as well savor every breath every laughter every smile. like what mantra always say "Live life to the fullest, no regrets!" (gimme five!)

Some silly poses that pops right into our brain.

              To add it up, Rec Box also have their Ladies' Night on Tuesdays from 7pm -12mn. So it's free entrance for the Ladies but you get to pay for the food and drinks that you order and P399 on their eat-all-you-can buffet still if you plan to avail it.

I really enjoyed our moments there with our laughter-filled rooms and Picture taking (and everything in between) + singing our lungs out +  being the silly buffs that we are for 4 hours. As a result, I had a sour voice after, but it was worth because it was tons of FUN! Those hours that passed by didn't even feel like 4 hours at all. Time truly files so fast when you're having fun. But when you're not, 4 hours would seem like 4 centuries, tell me about it!

Sarah looks like an angel that's about to flap her wings

Red Box is a karaoke shop in Ayala Terraces and you can order foods and drink as well. I'll sure be coming back for more red Box, it's a real stress-buster. It really sets your singing mood and blare the volume off their sound system. It gives off this comfortable and Stylish Atmosphere with their contemporary interiors that you sure will love.

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