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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mother, the sunshine of my life

Last fri (april 8,2010) I went to see this french movie for free at alliance francais, gorordo. Apparently, they were showing "Va vis et Devien" (Live and become). Oh, in case you were wondering why the heck would I waste my time in watching a movie of a foreign tongue. well, it's because I've always wanted to go to France someday and work there or even take up culinary classes if ever I'd discover that I actually have a gift of taste, but if not.. well.. the though hasn't come to me yet on what i should if ever I dont' have "the gift".

There was one part of the movie where, Shlomo was asking this guy to write a letter to his mum who was left in the poverty-stricken country of Ethiopia. Shlomo goes on like this, "dear mother i hope you are doing well blah blah blah" but then the Jewish priest corrected him that it should be written as "dear mother the sunshine of my life"

you see, I texted my mother that way as a way of thanking her for sending my allowance

Because, as what I'be mentioned before, I'm currently studying across the sea from where my parents are. Curious of what her response would be. At the back of my head, she would probably be surprised because I don't usually do that kind of gushy stuff. But I did it anyway thinking that it's the end of the world people, there's not much time. And besides, my mantra is after all "Live life to the fullest, no regrets!" and I just wanted to show to her that I love them all and I truly miss them.

This is what she replied to me,

Goodness! I feel my throat slowly tightens as I read the message, it struck me deep down and I just wept, I cried my heart heart. I guess I really just miss them more than I thought.

Life is short, don't wait for major calamities to strike your homes before you tell dear beloveds that you love them. There's not time to waste. Just do it according to that all famous nike slogan. Do it. Before it's too late. honestly, as I'm writing this I think I'm beginning to feel a bit damp around the eyes. oh man it's coming. Just do it, okay?

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