The Awesome Things: Maitre Chocolatier cafe Cebu

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maitre Chocolatier cafe Cebu

I've been eye-ing this swanky new cafe in Cebu for quite some time now, from the name itself "Chocolatier" it really catches my attention and gives me that tug of desire to give it a try sometime. Come my birthday this April 27th, Chocolatier brace yourslef coz here I come.

It's as though I can hear the cafe whispering in my ears, inviting me in. Some siren this is.

 The moist chocolate cake was delightful you can have it at P255

 it has all these small cherry bites in the inside and top it off with a small chocolate slice with bits of crunchy white nougats.Maybe they place some growth enhancers in this cake we weren't even able to finish the cake coz we were so full awhready and it was a bit too much for us after having eaten their other entrees.oh, the things is, even if it's your birthday they don't give out any compliments on the house, too bad. Just that small little candle. They actually sang a song but it was not as entertaining as that of Bigby's singing-crew-when-its-your-birthday! too bad and they were singing far away from our table, whut the?!..

                                                                 19 going on 17, if only.

                            That's one thing that I found really inviting in their clean-cut contemporary cafe, they have such a fancy and intimate interior married with comfortable white chairs. The room has this brown and cream color mix which I find romantic and smartly decorated.

                                                         Jurelle sure is enjoying the cake..

Roast Beef Panini @ 138

The prices are actually cheaper compared to that of  the chocolatier in Manila, their roast beef panini can sore up to P225. see, what big differences in their rates. It was stated in the description that this dish actually has some dark chocolates in it and I though that the chocolate would overpower the dish and make it taste sweeter than normal. But I'm wrong, it really just compliments the beef very well with a stretch of mozarella  cheese, fresh carrot slices and zuchini tucked in between. I was struggling even to finish this whole thing, if you just plan to have a small merienda or snack, you can take a friend with you and share this with the both of you and you could feel satiated, although it depends if you've actually eaten something before that you guys just have a very lovely appetite having that one simple dish will surely not satisfy you.

Bailey's Vodka Martini @ 115

 The cocktail has quite a strong taste to it, you can really taste that dominant vodka flavor which makes the truffles taste a bit bitter, but I love the chocolate treat at the end that sinks at the bottom of the glass.

Irish Midnight @ P150

I recommend you try this instead, it's what my friend ordered and the strong bitter taste from the alcohol is very subtle. It's like drinking chocolate shake with sugar icing coats on the glass brim. I must hand it to this drink, it's so delectable.

                            Linguini in Pesto Sauce with Parmesan Crusted Chicken @ P190

        The price is cheaper than that in Manila's Chocolatier as well their price range would reach about P255. Guess, they adjusted their price to suit the Cebuanos. Al dente pasta linguini with fresh herbs and spices with crisp and tender Parmesan-crusted chicken strips. The pesto pasta was frim and soft, with a bit of olive oil and herbs in it. The white chocolate sauce really compliments the pasta and chicken strips. The thing is, I didn't really mix the pasta with the sauce when I tasted it, and it taste rather quite bland. My bad, you should definitely mix it with the sauce to enhance its flavor.

Maitre Chocolate cafe's boasts it's premium chocolate with rich elegantly decorated ambience which makes this cafe superb.

Maitre Chocolatier
101, Level 1
The Terraces Ayala Cebu
Cebu Business Park

Contact Number: +63 32 238 7116


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