The Awesome Things: Fukushima 50

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fukushima 50

What exactly is this Fukushima 50 you wonder? Let me give you the lowdown.

They are brave Japanese who volunteered to work in the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant when the nuclear plant exploded caused from the very chaotic Tsunami that hit Japan last March 11 20011.
 The Fukushima 50 are the group of around 500 technicians, soldiers and firemen who work in shifts of 50, have been exposed repeatedly to dangerously high radioactive levels as they attempt to avert a nuclear disaster.

The international limit for radiation exposure for nuclear workers is 20 millisievert (20 mSv, or 2 rem) per year, but the detected at Fukushima rose to approximately 1000 mSv/h, the highest level of radiation detected at any point of time during the accident at the plant.About 50 times more than the normal level.

The workers are believed to have radiation sickness in the short term, and the long term stuff could be cancer.
But they do it for the love of their country sacrificing their lives for the life of many. They might not be able to live for 1 year because of their bravery. For me, they are heroes. Amazing heroes where their love for their people and country weigh heavier especially when calamities strike. Amazing heroes who are willing to offer their lives for the safety of others. Kudos! I give to them my salute and to you Fukushima 50.You will always be heroes in the hearts of many.

My heart goes out to Japan and with deepest sympathy I give to you my prayers and support. You are brave and powerful people and I know you would overcome this. Sometimes undesirable things happen to us, but let us always Trust God in every circumstance. Let us be reminded that all good things comes from the Lord and but God allows bad things to happen because it has a purpose. Everything happens for a reason. But these things have to happen to fulfill the prophecy and sooner or later, we would be together with the Lord in Paradise where peace, love and joy prevails.

Proverbs 16:4 :
The Lord works out everything for his own ends—
even the wicked for a day of disaster.

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