The Awesome Things: Edge Coaster @ Crown Regency Cebu

Monday, April 11, 2011

Edge Coaster @ Crown Regency Cebu

Crown Regency Osmena, Cebu

The oh-so-heart-stopping-tilt.

I'm the bomb. hahah get it?!

Tilt me too!!!

Whats with the hands, folks?

Edge Coaster @ Crown Regency was one heck of a joy ride. If you take one ride either the edge coaster or the skywalk, you can have it for P400 but it you want to have one ride (either edge coaster or skywalk + buffet at sparkz restobar) you can have it for P700.00

We took the edge coaster and buffet package and the edge coaster can really give you a frisson of excitement and a pang of fear all married together in one state of euphoria. Man! the edge coaster was scary and exciting. We were completely frenetic about the whole idea. having said that it was quite scary, well, it's because you get to be tilted facing the ground over 30 storeys above the ground. Like who wouldn't get scared with that?! It sure gave me one heck of screams and thrills. It was worth it! a total stress-buster and all out fun. Absolutely!

I didn't tilt it that much though having sense the fear of my mum (and me). Afraid that I might get her heart to skip a beat. So I just gave the little button a click or two to tilt our ride a little. "aaahhh! I screamed"... "hadlok man diay ni riz noh (this is really quite scary riz) my mum said and my pops? well, he's on the other ride, alone, unfortunately.


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    1. true true, It was a very fun experience. You should check it out as well.


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