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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cafe laguna

Cafe Laguna located at Level 1 Ayala Center, Cebu has been opened for awhile now, but it wasn't till early this April that I've had a taste of this all famous restaurant that boasts it's delicious Filipino dishes. The Cafe, actually has that Filipino-Spanish vibe to it.

It so happened that my uncle's sister just went back from the states and there here in Cebu via Bohol for a summer vacation. At the cafe, we had:

The paella which was P500 (large) P350 (small)

The Paella was fine, I just liked the shrimp and the crabs and eggs that were mixed with it, apparently the taste wasn't really all that. The large paella was actually good for 7 persons and there were about 10 of us altogether so we had two large ones and we had the leftovers taken out. It didn't really pass my standards. In fact, I wasn't much impressed with their food. The taste was just quite ordinary and the only thing I liked there the most was their baked tahong.

Baked tahong @P135.00

hmmm... this was really delicious. I love how the cheese just melts in your mouth and gets stuck in between teeth and you have to lick it with your tongue. I guess the cheese they used was cheddar not mozzarella. But I really liked it. YUM!

Adobong kangkong @P110

Although, I'm not naturally a vegetable fan but the Kangkong is one of my most favorite kind of veggie. Especially when it's mixed with soysauce mixed with a little bit of garlic and onions to it.

Chicharon Bulaklak @P145

The last time I tried Chicharon bulaklak (ginabot or pig's intestine) was when I was 9 years old. So it was like 9 rs. ago and I didn't remember the fact that I actually liked it back then. Now, after trying it again 9 years after.. it taste the same I guess but it would be a lot nicer when it's dipped in vinegar. Without the vinegar, it would taste quite oily and you can really smell that not so pleasant smell that comes from the intestine. But that's normal in all chicharon bulaklak, I'm just not that much of a fan. Remember, to each his own taste.

karekare with bagoong @P225

I really like the bagoong (fermented shrimps), well, the karekare really should be matched with the bagoong. It tastes better that way and the karekare is actually beef not the goat meat as what most karekare should be.

Lechon kawali @P185

Who doesn't like the sinful, artery-clogging Lechon Kawali? I know I do, its just so hard to resist it especially that crispy heart disease provoking lechon skin. YUM! well, we will all die eventually, might as well eat "delicious" food and die happy. But eat it moderately though, you were warned!

Arriving at my most logical conclusion. Cafe laguna wasn't really all that for me. The food was forgettable and very Pricey. The bill was more or less P4000 and it wasn't all that great. But we people do have diferent taste, but it didn't quite suit my discriminating taste buds. Sorreh cafe laguna imma have to give you a 6/10 rating.

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