The Awesome Things: What good are jaunts?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What good are jaunts?

What good are jaunts.... at the end of the day it'll only be a part of your memory.

It's as good as...... you imagining of hoping in for your little adventure. A few months after your jaunt the memories are still fresh in your mind. Enter 3 years or more and you'll eventually forget how much fun you've had everything doesn't come out as vivid as it was before. Sometimes there are doubts if that experience truly happened or was that just a part of my wild imagination left as a memory at the back of your head.
You can only think about your jaunt in retrospect and without pictures as proof, it'll be as if

it never happened at all......

So do you think dreaming about being in that paradise is as good as having been there? Dreaming is for free after all without a penny to spend.

I guess the reason why I'm rambling like this because Im stuck here in my humble abode. I actually got plans today, I was suppose to be letting my hair down today, swimming with my filipino girlfriends but plans were changed at the last minute since we have our finals for mktg today. Supposedly, it was scheduled last wed. but nooOO!, she just had to change the date! she just had to do it. and by she, I mean franco.. man! darn it!

this day was planned to be a good day! just swimming in the pool, having our drink, laughing and dancing and singing karaoke! but just my luck, it turned out quite the contrary of things!

to add to the misery, I don't have plans of going on a vaction this summer, apparently, I'll be having summer classes and a part time job.. my family has plans on going to enchanted kingdom. BUT! who would want to spend time with people who would only make you feel dejected and demeaned. I'm not kidding, even if they'll be a the happiest place on earth, as long as the people you're with are not so nice to you. You would never enjoy the trip. boo hoo! oooh burn..

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