The Awesome Things: Precious ones.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Precious ones.

Kids are just so adorable. I don't know why but everytime I get to see adorable kids they just turn my world in such frenzy and they give me that sense of joy coming out from my soul..

One precious experience I've recently had with kids was just last saturday, where I get to share this table with a famly with two toddlers, and boy and girl named joshua and gale who were about 4 and 3 y.o... They were always smiling at me and I cant help but smile that gushy smile towrds them. I showed joshua how you can actually write in the receipt paper with just your fingernails. He was so amazed, and I told him that it was magic and it was our secret.

If you can only see the look on his face, it's like he was saying in a though bubble:"what if my parents heard you about our little magic secret?"... I think he actually believed me.. little kiddo, you've got much to learn..

when they finished with their meals and were about to leave, they got up from their chairs and kept on touching my face, I don't know why.. and I was all giggly and laughing and so was their mom.. how adorable.. I hust had to squish gently their little cheeks, their just too cute for me.. ugh! I want to have a baby in the house.. and I'll read him bedtime stories and teach them how to dance and sing and teach them all about God.. oh, thinking about it gives me such bliss..

If I'm not a hotel and restaurant student, I'd probably be on my way being a teacher in a pre-school.. no joke..

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