The Awesome Things: Out of town.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of town.

I especially enjoyed the fresh oysters that me and my friends shared on the beach side. Too bad we didn't get to have a bonfire though.

thats me(pink skirt), madz (black dress), and jen (green shirt)

can still remember in retrospect when we partied all night (it made my head feel as if it was spinning around due from lack of sleep -- or zero sleep for that matter.The morning after, I remember swimming in the beach in the wee hours of the morning when the sun still wasn't out. It was a fun 3 days and two nights with friends. It was my first time to actually do something like that and I'll sure be looking forward for more adventures soon. I've always wanted to try going out of town with friends and my wish finally came true. it made me feel free and Independent. I do hope this experience won't be my last. going to borakay or palawan with friends is after all, still in the bucket list. can't wait!!

The three hour drive down Alcoy was humid and we were so not protected from the smoke fumes of passing cars, its no surprise since we were after all riding in an open bus.

The fun part of it was when we get to see some nature action.

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