The Awesome Things: Making each day memorable.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Making each day memorable.

Death may come to us in a sudden blow, we just never know. I know some people who ill-fatedly face death at much earlier times in life. Either they get struck by accidents or sicknesses, you name it. Whatever my fate is, it’s probably written in the stars. But to me, it’s left unknown. It’s crazy, what the future holds for us. Some say that good things come to those who wait, but come to think of it, What If Dr. Jose Rizal waited for someone to take a stand against the Spanish Colonizers instead of writing his nation-shaking Noli Me tangere. What if Columbus was too scared to venture out new lands? What if? Then there’d probably be no America and the Filipinos would never have opened their eyes to the brutality of foreign colonizers. We’d probably be drowning with mediocrity and fear. What if certainly has the power to haunt us for the rest of our lives. This does not just go out to the indolent, but it goes out to all of us. So enough with the floundering, and let’s give way for the more assertive youth of our nations, seems like we need this now more than ever.
Sometimes, we just have to go out there, out of the big and scary blue yonder and write our fate in the stars instead of waiting for someone to write it for us. As cliché as it sounds, we just have to find ourselves, believe and follow our dreams. Let us not allow that fear of the unknown to win over the battles we have in our minds. 2010 may not have been a good year for us Filipinos, aside from the infamous Hostage Taking that took hold on August 2010 and the Maguindanao Massacre which happened the previous year. But it’s a new year everyone. So let’s bravely face 2011 with hope, hope for a brighter future, hope for a stronger nation and we need to start now, we need to start with ourselves because we never know when our time would be up and it’s probably too late by then. So let’s zero in with regrets, live life to the fullest, hug the un-hugged, love the unloved. Let’s be more openly affectionate with our loved ones and show to them that we care and we appreciate them. It’s the month of love, after all. Carpe diem, let’s all seize the day.
Let us do today what can be done today. Happy living everyone and good luck in following your dreams!

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