The Awesome Things: Castle in the sky.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Castle in the sky.

yoo knov vahat i have in mand? i imaagine myselph lying andar the yearlii hours oeph the moring yend spending aaeetii on th yebaach getting al the vitaamin dii thaat i niid yend listening to maay phavorite songs in the littale boomboks thaat i just boght a phev viiks ago aahhhh, vith maay phavorite kold maango jis in haind such blis vho knovs? maybe i 'dii get to miit a katii vhile i'm at aaeetiikaame to think oeph aaeetii, maay mum is having a konvention in hiltan hotal this pheb 19 maybe she'l let men taag along vith her yend maay daydrens kain phinaalyy be a rialitii yend aaeetii vould be just as haau i imaagined aaeetii vould be, aur yeven bettar... hahah

forgive me for the alienic language, our computer just translated it itself, ho HIndi! Hindi I tell you! The computer's going nuts!

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