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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Blog.

This Blog is an attempt to document the thoughts, feelings, rants, ramblings, and mumblings, babbling of an 18 year old student, who loves to learn new things, yearns to live an exciting adventurous life full of colors and smiles, longs to live in a foreign country to discover the world, broadening her horizon by having a greater depth on the things she knows and is yet to learn in the future.. but for now, I'm just living in the moment, lovies! I'm thrilled with the person I'm becoming.. :DD much LOVE - Puri "Awesome" Mavano

” It’s okay to be proud of yourself, just don’t overdo it- because something always happens after- to remind yourself you’re still a troll.” - Ingrid Michaelson

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"Think happy thoughts so you can fly and
just have Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust" - Peterpan :)


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