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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favorite pieces of Art.

I love eccentric paintings, I want them BIG! the ones that tell stories with lots of details...

I'm no artist, but I do appreciate art and its beauty, it truly amuses me.

here's some that I'd like to share...

"Primavera" by Sandro Boticelli

On the right side, the west wind Zephyr chases Chloris as he catches her she transforms

into Flora "the goddess of spring" and makes the ground to blossom from her embroidered

dress. In the center, Venus gestures the three graces (Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia

personified beauty and charm). They were popular subjects by artists who turned to classical

prototypes for inspirations. Mercury disturbs a cloud with his caduceus and Cupid flies above

the arch framing the central figure, suggesting that the overall theme may be love.

"Perseus Rescuing Andromeda" by Piero di Cosimo

Piero di Cosimo was a highly inventive artist, his life was as eccentric as his pictures. He hated fire so much that he was afraid to cook and lived on hard-boiled eggs preparing them 50 at a time while boiling his glue. He also refused to allow his rooms to be swept or his fruit trees to be pruned, more like a brute than a man.

he has represented several stages of a mythical narrative on this single panel. In the top right, Perseus flies through the sky to rescue Andromeda who is tied to a tree stump on the left - her mother had angered Neptune by declaring herself more beautiful than the nereids and she was about to be sacrificed to the sea monster. A moment later, Perseus landed on the back of the comical sea monster and starts to swipe at its neck. In the foreground, having slain the beast, Perseus marries Andromeda - the group on the right celebrates her liberation.

"The Secret Language of Art" by:Sarah Carr-Gomm
"A Biographical Dictionary of Artists" by: Sir Lawrence Gowing

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