The Awesome Things: Living on my own.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Living on my own.

At seventeen, I was given the chance to live on my own, in a small boarding house that somewhat looked more of like a room. It was convenient though, with a small C.R. attached to it. And we'd have to pay 5000 pesos for rent. Not including my food and school allowances and the electricity plus the laundry and the water bill. I'd have to manage the money all by myself. And it was really something new to me.

It was an experience I would never forget. I stayed there for 5 1/2 long and lonely months. I was suffering from a terrible bout of the lonelies and misery, twas one of those days when 5 mins seemed like 5 hours. I got so depressed that I got indulged into shopping which got me broke. Living alone certainly has its challenges. For one, you clean up after your own mess. Two, there won't be anyone to rescue you from creepy insects. But then, living alone makes you discover things about yourself as well. Like, I'm such a messy person. I have little things cluttered all over my tables and the first time I got there. I was unpacking things and there were all kinds of stuffs lying around the floor. It was Crazy!!! Unlike at home, where there will be a housekeeper who would follow my mess. But it's far different from way over here. From the time you enter your room, the only voices you hear are the sounds you make. Knowing that you are alone, it makes you feel as miserable as ever.But I had to go through all that stint, for the sake of education.

It's not always easy to live on your own, but hey, how else will you know that living on our own rocks? Even if only for these reasons:

You can walk around with nothing but your birthday suit on.

You can turn the radio on at full blast.

You can go home at any time you want.

You get the freedom to go anywhere, anytime.

You can get as moody as you want and you don't have to explain why.

You get to test what you can do and your survival skills kick in and constantly challenged and well, alone.

But you all in all, you get to be a better person for it. Anew and fresh.

But it would probably be much better if you'd get a roomie whom you can trust though. someone like a soul-sister to you. That would be nice. Go get one!

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